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for Running with the Enemy Can Lead to Finding a Family

3/27 c20 Jostanos
Please continue when you may, Sci.
I'm glad that you were able to continue after the recent mishap. :)
6/30/2022 c19 Jostanos
My apologies, Sci, I have been busy catching up reading other stories including your own.
I have finally been able to get to both chapters 18& 19 of this story, and they were fantastic to read. :)

Please continue when you may. :)
7/26/2020 c17 ChaoticInscriber
I don't know about what Clarus would do, whether he'd insist or not, but I can see Gladio deciding that he should stick around as Noct's shield even as a Wolf. Maybe with a lot of concerns and precautions due to worries about his control and reactions to vampire-scents during the moons. But since he isn't mad at Noct about any of it so far, I can see Gladio declaring that being a Wolf might be a good thing, because it means he is immune to any vampire tricks Prompto might be using and so could hopefully interfere to protect Noct. Gladio is a suspicious jerk, after all, it's part of his job, and he doesn't remember enough of the last months yet to be any less wary. Noticing how different Ignis is without remembering what bonded-Gladio understood of the why would only make him More Suspicious, really. Clarus might be able to help settle him with less backlash-causing incidents, give him a chance to remember more /before/ he puts his foot in his mouth too severely and hurts any of them too much.

While the fact that now only Ignis of the Retinue is still human might feel like a takeover to many, in some ways Gladio becoming a Wolf is also really helpful - wolves being both immune to such trickery and able to detect it in others means he is a way of proving to other Suspicious Jerks that there isn't any trickery afoot. Of course, while the immunity is automatic he still has to actually learn how to tell apart what he can sense and interpret it accurately...
Could take a while, on the road without an instructor. Maybe Pelna wouldn't mind joining them for a while, long enough to give him a good grounding now that he's awake and stable?
6/7/2020 c17 dg
What a place to end it! The question from last chapter is still unanswered and driving me crazy.
Good story. Obviously, I'm looking forward to more.
6/7/2020 c17 fraidykat
Here I sit at my desk with 3 small dogs around my feet so I cant even stomp my feet or scream since that would cause them to become alarm and start barking trying to find out why I was screaming. So all I can do is cuss at the screen. You are driving me crazy uhm wait I think I passed that point years back. Could it be to sanity so I will be able to become crazy again? Oh well great chapter and I still want more and know until you are done I will continue to want more. Stay safe and well.
6/7/2020 c17 Jostanos
Omake: "You took a hard hit and lost a lot of blood." a mauve haired "healer" yawned from his sleeping space nearby. "Your friends and allies did an excellent job at patching you up, Gladio.. however, your memories may be either slow to return, or they may be lost forever. But neither is certain at this time, Cub."
5/12/2020 c16 fraidykat
I am glad to see you wrote more for this looking forward to more as you can. Stay safe and well.
Thank you,
5/11/2020 c16 fennec
Gladio will soon be a free man... or wolf. I'm looking forward to discovering how much of the real Gladio was showing through the blood bond. If he was truly happy like that, rather than the blood bond making him believe he was, how is he going respond to the loss? It's going to be interesting, learning how much friction will develop in the group now that Gladio is free to react to the life changing things that have been inflicted on him and the others. So much drama to come!

Prompto has handled becoming the head of a family rather easily so far, even taking into account the fact that the people he's now responsible for can't disobey him. As Prompto had only been a vampire about three years when he turned Noctis, will we see any stumbling as a mistreated baby vampire raises a baby vampire? Given that we've been told it takes decades for vampires to be old enough to avoid injury when the bond to their sire breaks, will we ever see the impact of Prompto loosing such a bond so young? (Beyond having the freedom to act according to his own desires and ethics.) I'm curious to see if there will be any as yet unforseen consequences for Prompto, and thus his companions. Between growing up in the MT program, the unnatural manner in which he became a vampire and then the breaking of the bond far too young while in the middle of a suicide mission... Prompto is ridiculously well adjusted given his life experiences.

I'm greatly interested in reading more of this story,
5/10/2020 c16 Jostanos
Matsuo: "Man~.. That's all sorts of messed up. Did the wolves act on their own or were they sent to the group? If they were sent to attack who sent them? If they attacked on their own why?"
4/11/2020 c15 Lmppsc
And I am up to speed with this story. Really like the fact that the kingdom still stands along with its King! Hope it stays that way... but I doubt it.

This story does not have a lot of life and death tension in it. But still has this vibe that keeps me clinging to it.

It is so hard for me to imagine a full gown Noctis playing with a ball of paper, or fully nuzzling into Promptos lap. Do you know how to draw? Mind showing me how it looks in your mind?
4/11/2020 c14 Lmppsc
Loving this story more and more as I keep reading. To be honest I would be fine if like the oracle, and Mr. Creepy didn't show in this book. It is so good, and I feel like it could very well stand as its own story without Noct even being the Chosen King. I know I started off reading this story with hesitation and reluctance, but man I am glad I pushed through. I am loving the relationships between son and father. You really do get to see that in a lot of the fanfictions about final fantasy fifteen.
4/11/2020 c10 Lmppsc
I was too with the trials. Was very disappointed in it.
4/11/2020 c9 Lmppsc
This is by far my favorite chapter. I got the warm and fuzzys.
4/11/2020 c6 Lmppsc
I love the plot in this story but can not stand seeing Prompto and Noct with anyone else other than each other. It urks me and I don't know why.
4/11/2020 c5 Lmppsc
Not sure if I like this clinging Iggy. I never am that accepting of major personality changes, or the idea of losing/ having memories wiped. With Prompto it is different because of his story and back round. He has one that can be easily manipulated and he still will keep his stupid charm that I love so much. But with the other guys its really hard for me to except the sudden shift in their personality's. Anyway that's my two cents. But I would like to say, I know I love a book when I reread paragraphs because of how amazingly thought out they are. And I did that in this one, so on behalf of me congrats!
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