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for Umbridge Goes To The Moon (Or Tries To)

4/24 c1 1Mr Foreman
Honestly would like to know how events play out with Umbridge gone
3/31/2021 c1 Fallow57
x Kudos x : )
12/22/2020 c1 1malakingibonnilakas
5/21/2020 c1 22I Hate Snatch Steal
This made my day (:
7/17/2019 c1 Millie072
LOL! for about 5 minutes. Especially since we so close to the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. Nice to know the toad remains the same, dead or alive. Although wouldn't she have exploded from decompression? Great tale.
5/11/2019 c1 peggy77
Lol! :D
5/10/2019 c1 23x Hemlock x
This is brilliant! I know you said it was a bit of nonsense but there's no way that this didn't happen to enough witches and wizards to warrant its own ministerial decree warning people not to attempt a magical moon landing of their own. This story is really well written, I love the plot, and adding in Henricks and Kregel is a fun touch!
5/10/2019 c1 ak
elle aurait du utiliser la cheminée! :)
5/9/2019 c1 Guest
Yes, but did she see the Discovery before he demise? Just looking for closure.
5/9/2019 c1 4LilyOfShalott
Oh my god. This is incredible and I can't stop laughing. If only this had happened!
5/8/2019 c1 3Ahnalaura Night
This is a funny little one shot. Love that you hate her enough to send her blindly to the moon. Personally, I’ve always wondered what would happen if someone went to space without the proper gear. I wish you would have described it, but maybe that’s a bit morbid of me. Thanks for the fun read.

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