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for The Hunter's Love

9/1/2021 c20 Navywife07
Please continue this
10/29/2019 c21 Debbie Hicks
22. Chapter 22/ then ALIENB ANIMAls mangled us who bitten the best friends both then the three a army of trained but skilled newborns as all four found me alone soulless witjh my troop you die my screams good ours then used a Phaser then then beaten assasultd abused sliced then four broken the the venom ran it's course then then AChanged was dead good who turned you tell us this one is lying then is the creartor the surre3nderd end her/army get them where you think are going newborn thenm scramimhg gthen Abused but sexually assaulted by fporce then then took from then then Screaming hen the seer had a viusoipo n of my death dying sctreamimg then found me modeling in my Wedding dress in blood briutalized beaten to death then was Iciest cold blood they bitten them then yiu die with her then the my howling take care of the newborns are trash then not today Tore head from me killed with they with they killed good guards bring them then lost my heart then my life the brutalized bsexually assasulted like Rose did screaming life wittertring away Alice what we do turn them into them Vampires the bitten from here a healing venom was far too much then swallowed oof myself was healing then then was AATPOMIZED Thenbrought there good bring them to the labs then nothoingnes was ledft ogf here then was Dead myself was so sick of the diseases oh my god something into her/they it's woking then was bitter of my immortality began reborn as someone then vowed Revenge declared vengeange Alice she's a Vampire hunter Correction Assassin oh my god what you do to them she may have children of the venom mixed up oh my god her family will be heartbroken with theirs then Sliced freely then brought there then lost from here the IVF Machines nuked with kids then too late Never had kids so they then myself was already dead like Mina Harker swearing holy war against demons and Vampires was a death dealer in my right was resurrected as a Different species of fighter a Vampire asssassin was a Royal one in my veins was a Queen a High Commander in command of my troops then were resurrected nuked both then brought there good what is she a Hunter is a Assassin killed then experimented thern with as all of more than brain surgeries ended up more than burst freely good they are departed cremated them then With freaks never had more kids they are bitten from here then Drained as all of blood then too late sensed a demon coldly used my phaser was a trained but skilled Vampire huntress and a lethal Assassin hair grew in a very miltary fashion looks like Commander Diana's Visitor hairstyle Ruby you are under Faederation arrest by orders of the United Federation of Planets sent by Starfleet Command what are You a Hunter works for ther Cullens May I Retire her she is not human yes Then Shot her then Alice she is not human look onto from the NASA Bodysuit a NASA protype milltary uniform boots was really stoic from here was a black covering but impassive cold was in fact trained but skilled suddenly here's your phone Commander then slowly used my other hand Bobby This is Isabella speaking by orders of the leader himself sent to Earth a race known as Demons are dark katras yes sir we will retire Demons posed as humans once and for all Begin the countdown zeta two one mark gamma beta alpha delta tango five six All Hands Battlestations on my mark name Bree remember Visitors never have both that herself was skilled hair was the same with bangs from the light Glasses so myself so they holy crap what are you people from the Host suddenly a TV Series rumble from my throat we Hail from Sirius IV We need Food water resources crap they are from a alien planet us that's right Dawn you egghead yes Hi Bells Bree we too are in these gasp Volturi hired Demons are afraid of your looks and your voice sounds really strange like in V The Final Battle in a rumble yes good god man Visitors from a planet 50 mother ships round and carried as all personnel as all of them escaped from their planet by commands he is the one in charge of the fleet yes Maggie holy smokes Rose yes she is right our voices sounded alien but extraterrestrial so they then it had begun here our travels started to solve a mystery a case on our hands then the newspapers reported myself was in command of my crew were in fact my personnel picture showed me eating a Interorganic Mouse suddenly a alien Evolution was whole but alive Felix was grossed out of the diet was animals live ones with animal blood Aro they are not from Earth is from Sirius IV Ugh she ate a Mouse to heal from here.
10/23/2019 c21 1B4bidden
really enjoyed this story. Hope to read more
10/5/2019 c6 Guest
So far it's all pretty great and it's a good plot and writing and everything but the stuff that's not in english in chapter 6 isn't accurate.
7/30/2019 c20 1wildflower 03
please update
7/18/2019 c20 mistyann thomas
6/29/2019 c20 Tonya
Very well done! "Dickward" got what was coming to him. Looking forward to the next chapter.
6/24/2019 c19 tonya
I loved this chapter! I cannot wait to see Gabriel & company unleash upon Edward!
6/24/2019 c19 cheleyk8
Can’t wait to see how this turns out and I loved the bit at the end with Lucifer’s view of Bella.
5/10/2019 c17 tonya
this story caught my eye & i love it! please update again asap

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