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for Shall I show you a True Shield?

5/24 c23 ivananthony.guison
Who would have thought Kana would turn out to be a peeping perv lol excited for the next update!
4/28 c23 cursed587
More updates plss
4/18 c6 Guest
God damn there is no quality control with anything wirtten here is there. It's about like that MHA fic i read by the same guy.

It's really good at some points while being choc-full of idiotic and lazy typos, grammar mistakes, and other errors.

A good portion of this chapter reads like it was fucking typed on somebodies phone. It's ridiculous. If any of these works were to be turned over to an editor of any kind they'd rip you a new asshole.

If you threw this in grammarly, I'd bet there'd be more red than normal words. Absolutely disappointing on that front.
3/27 c23 IcePhenex
Hope you update soon! Your little changes is what makes this fic so good (and from the Anime standpoint, yours flows a LOT better.) Hope you keep your muse!
1/28 c23 1TheViewer
I absolutely love this fanfic. It is the best one so far as it has Naofumi act the way I have wanted him to act and not just forgive the queen. I can’t wait to see more updates
1/26 c23 Mr-Luca-Wolf
I really hope you get your motivation back so you can continue this story i love it 10/10
1/21 c5 Guest
Please update!
1/10 c19 1wyvern97
not sure if you are aware of the error, but you made references of the old witch calling felicia her nephew instead of niece
1/2 c23 GgeorGge
Keep up the good work
1/2 c3 3Omnipotent.01
The funny thing is i also used to be a draconic demon lord going by the name Mao_Doragon but then i transcended and became an omnipotent entity
12/29/2023 c23 8EJR HorseLady
It took me two days to read all of this, and I am left wanting more. This is exceptionally well done. I truly am impressed with your story. I do have a bit of constructive criticism, however.

If you were reading a book, you will never, ever, EVER read the characters described as “the shield”, or “the raccoon girl”, or by hair colour. It’s always by name. That, is the one area of your story that I truly dislike. I do hope you will stop doing that in future chapters.

Other than that, this story is truly well written, and I am immensely enjoying the characters. I look forward to reading more in the future, and I sincerely hope you update soon.

Is there any chance you would be willing to post the story on A03 as well? I tend to read over there more often because fanfiction net is dying.
12/27/2023 c18 Mr-Luca-Wolf
Bloody beautiful
12/27/2023 c17 Mr-Luca-Wolf
Yea man rhis is awesome
12/27/2023 c16 Mr-Luca-Wolf
Stupid bird queen never like here
12/24/2023 c23 Blakwind
This is one of my favourite stories on so I'm happy its back even if only for one chapter though I'm hopeful it will continue.

I loved the fact that Naofumi is learning blacksmithing as I don't believe he does in the
Web/Light Novels hopefully he'll make some offensive shields like bladed shields and shields with other weapons mounted on them like the cannon shield.

Hopefully this won't turn out like the light novel where they go to ridiculous extremes to nerf Naofumi's attack stat to the point of giving him A shield with A healing ability that permanently sacrifices his attack stat just to make sure he can't kill anything beyond the balloons at the beginning of the story on his own.
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