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for The kid of the Normandy (Hiatus)

6/13 c9 C.E.W
You already passed the Liara rescue, and the Feros mission, so that leaves Benezia on Noveria before the Virmire, unless you'd like to Virmire first.

There is also the Batarians hijacking the Asteroid to hit Terra Nova. Ian can make a difference by stopping Balak before he can kill the hostages.
6/12 c9 Guesttaco45
Nah it's cool. I mean there will always be a time when we all hit a block on writing/drawing/etc so don't feel too down about it. Just take as much time as you need until you feel like you're ready. Besides, taking a break can be helpful at times so relax gor now until you feel ready :)
2/27 c8 Blaze1992
Hmm okay surprised it happened so early but okay.

Now I do have some issues with the story as is but their kinda minor things.

1st Telling Ian what's safe and what's not safe to eat in a verse where there are levo and dextro foods/drinks: Yet I do not think anyone told him this in your fic, could you imagine how bad it would be if he accidentally ate one of either Tali's or Garrus's food/drink or even worse end up drinking some of wrex's "happy" drinks.

2nd everyday knowledge that Ian doesn't have: You could make a singular CH out this where Ian could've had more bonding moments with the crew while they are giving him lessons about today's world here are the examples.

First would have someone like Jane or Ash or Kaiden or all together telling him the changes Earth/humanity has gone through both governmentally and common people wise. Like what the primary language is and any changes in grammar/writing styles, then what systems are under "SA" oversight/control.

Second Would have Garrus telling him what are the new laws he has to be aware of while bringing in the other squadmates for their own races laws.

"RN this is also the chance of a funny side event where Ian can tell Garrus some of old earth cop stories he heard about in either movies or what he saw on the news which prompts Garrus to ask the other human crew members about where Joker shows him the worst of the worst when Ian leaves for a earth cop to deal with. Such as public furries orgies, swingers parties turned violent, nudist marches, transgender criminals, everyday crazies."

Third Liara and Ash or Jane teaching him the new school lessons since he will need to do that. While bringing in some squadmates when it comes to teaching about their races history.

Forth Tali and Adam's teaching him how to be safe during ship travels such as what certain alarms mean what to stay away from.

Fifth Kaiden and Ash showing him what is a hardsuit and how to wear it along with what is a omni-tool and what it can do.
2/27 c7 Blaze1992
Not to crazy about the mind reading angle kid's got enough of a target on his back.

Ah the Biotic RG this is basically allowing a biotic to become a walking railgun/sniper, okay you know the powers that can move people or objects aka throw/pull/lift/slam. In the games sometimes a baddie uses a object as a makeshift projectile via biotics like that eclipse captain in Samara's recruitment mission.

Thus it spurned a idea in my head what if you could take it further and in a slightly different way, like let's say the user finds some discarded metal rods in mid battle. That user would then use Biotic RG to make the rod "float" till aimed correctly then it soars towards the aimed target.

I planed for the kid to discover this power one day when's his bored and playing with some metal marbles someone was kind enough to make for him out of some broken parts. He then starts playing with them with his biotics but accidently let his mind wander about the crews previous mission where some Asari was "charging" around the group. In his distraction a few of the marbles start vibrating fast in a biotic glow and then launch forwards like they were shot out of a gun end result 2 of them are embedded a inch thick in the wall while the third is inside the Mako though the widow/cockpit glass.

Does that make more sense?
2/22 c8 Guest
Nice to see that Ian found a family, in the Normandy crew. I worry though how long it will last after the Citadel attack by Saren and Sovereign.
2/11 c8 raven2327
thanks for the chapter
12/18/2019 c7 C.E.W
You know it just hit me, what's going to happen to Ian after Shepard dies and gets rebuild by Cerberus in the next two years after Saren?

The Citadel Council is most likely going to find out about Ian's immense biotic powers unlike any human biotic either before, during or right after the Battle of the Citadel. Who can take him in considering all of his relative are long dead? What the Citadel is going to give him to one of the crew members? Kaidan, or Ashley depending who survives Virdmire. Kaidan is a undertrained biotic and busy man hunting Geth which are still a problem after Saren, same as Ashley only she's not a biotic. Garrus is going to be busy having enough of C-Sec and then he's be a vigilante eventually targeted by every major gang on Omega, quite as opposite of right environment to raise a kid in as it can get. Tali will be back with the Qaurians, the Quarian fleet is no place to raise a human child. The Council is certainly not going to give Ian to Wrex due to the possibility of turning Ian into a security risk. Liara might be an option even though she'll be busy getting Shepard's body away from the Shadow Broker and to Cerberus. Although the Asari might consider her to be unfit due to her young age in Asari standards. Shepard's mother Hannah holds no connection to Ian once so ever.

So I think, the Council will either ship Ian off to Grissom's Academy for proper training. Or, that if the Asari don't consider Ian too powerful to leave in human hands as the Asari understand biotics more than anyone. So the Council might send Ian to Thessia for proper training with an Asari Matriarch.

There is another option, David Anderson who is likely to be Councilor of humanity can take Ian in. As for proper training, Kaidan can help and the Asari can provide a Matriarch to help him. Benezia if Ian can save her, and the Council pardons her. Or perhaps Aethyta, she might be intrigued by a human child processing such biotic power.
12/14/2019 c7 C.E.W
Ian will perhaps be the most powerful Biotic in the galaxy, but first he needs to learn how to control it which he is started to under Kaidan. The Asari will perhaps take an interest in him, especially with this mind ability that has been discovered. Maybe Ian can help Benezia overcome Sovereign's control, his mental power combined with her's given she is a powerful Biotic in her own right... they'd have a chance.
12/6/2019 c3 Jim
I've been using this site just about since it came online. I have come across stories similar to this one. I generally don't read stories involving child abuse medical or otherwise.

But your story has an added component of a kind of realism in the way your Character "Ian" behaves. I was abused as a child. In a way I can identify with him. This story has so far been very tough to read. Not due to quality. Subject matter.

I really want him to get revenge so I am going to try to continue reading in the hopes he is able to turn the rest of his torturers to paste.
12/3/2019 c7 Evan
What future going to hold is he going to make a mercenary army of blood pack blue sun eclipse
12/3/2019 c7 raven2327
epic work looking forward to more
12/3/2019 c7 FriggleBerry
Hey lookie I got my own little paragraph at the top I feel all special lol but good chapter keep it up this story has grown on me can’t wait to see what’s to come. And holy fuck if English is your third language then hot damn it’s my only language and I can’t even speak it half the time
11/19/2019 c6 Guest
11/7/2019 c6 FriggleBerry
This story is pretty great, the grammar was rough at first but now it’s a ton better and the story is just fun to read can’t wait to see more keep it up
11/7/2019 c2 FriggleBerry
Grammar seems to have improved tremendously great job
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