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5/19 c2 2TheDisplacerOfEquestrias
Hopefully this gets a continuation, but as for my question...

“Oh Great Lord of Chaos, the other true half of Harmony (one cannot have Harmony without Order and Chaos, after all!),

You mentioned a being known as “Q”, who you described as “Another's realities imitation of me, basically”. Out of curiosity, have you met these other imitations of yourself? As a master of Chaos and making reality whimper just from you looking at it funny, it doesn’t seem that illogical or unrealistic to assume that you’re capable of traveling to other realities, honestly.

Although... that does make me question whether they’re just realities, or entire alternate universes. A whole Multiverse of Discords and Chaos Gods... frightening, yes, but I can’t help but think that you all know each other decently well- or at the very least, are acquaintances.

From, Displacer”
6/16/2020 c2 2Qriiz
Oh, come on, this is a great idea, only 2 chapters?
4/30/2020 c2 Guest
Can't wait to read the next one
1/21/2020 c2 Delta prime2
To subjects designated "History Revealers”,

I thank you again for the influx of information, as well as taking the time for answering my queries. It was quite appreciated. Receiving your broadcasts has made my solar cycle far more satisfying.

With your permission, I shall now make new queries based on this new information:
-While the original tribes were in poor condition along with other villages and cities being abandoned during the event designated “Winter of Strife”, the group designated “Crystal Ponies” were implied to be performing better in comparison. Was there any significant reasoning behind this difference, or is it merely a misconception on my part.
-What exactly qualifies a subject to be designated as a deity? My current information leads to me to conclude that it involves ascending to a higher physical form along with obtaining a method of immortality. Are there any other prerequisites I have missed?
-How many other deities are there? My current information on the group designated “Equestrian Pantheon” only includes those mentioned by you already.
-Will there be any segments on the extraterrestrial incidents in ancient history? It seemed like a such fascinating topic.
-You have expressed experience with realities beyond your native one based on familiarity with entity designated “Q”. Are you familiar with any other cosmic entities associated with chaos and/or a mischievous demeanor? (Examples: entity designated “Bill Cipher”, entity designated “Sheogorath”)

I thank you once more for the event designated “History Chaoscast” and will be eagerly awaiting further broadcasts.

Deltanamus Primeon MKll

Addendum: I have recently download an update for my communication software. Would you consider it an improvement?
10/24/2019 c2 1drakonpie250
Hey Discord,

Were there any individual ponies from the tribes who decided to join the Crystal Empire?
9/25/2019 c2 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
Dear Chaos-cast

If Chrysalis could be described as a “Fallen-God”, does that mean Thorax and the changelings that follow him are the natural state of the species, or are they a brand new species under the same genus as the changelings that follow Chrysalis and whatever the original changelings were. While we’re on the subject, whatever caused Chrysalis to “fall”? Finally, you said all species have some equivalent of an Alicorn, and I’m guessing Chrysalis would be that for changelings, but would Thorax also count as a, well for want of a better term, “Changeling Alicorn”, because the guy doesn’t exactly look like the other converted changelings. Also is it just me or are a lot of gods getting made lately, first Cadence, then Twilight, and now Thorax if I’m understanding this right, and that’s just in Equestria, is this happening in other places too?

P.S. about the name thing, well it’s more of a title than anything else, or perhaps a nick name would be better, it used to be TheOtherGuyUpstairs, but then my brother moved out
P.S.S. Has Twilight gone to earth yet? If so how many times, if memory serves she’s done it thrice relative to from where I’m watching
9/25/2019 c2 8The Keeper of Worlds
Ok, I’m loving this and I have a rather fun Q&A for Discord.

To a Fellow Entity of Chaos:
Given how the rather VOLATILE nature of seaponies and merponies were, is it possible a crossbreed led to the Sirens? Or did somebody just get dumb and mess with Truth again for a new form of Chimera? Also, what in the great order of the LOG and Harmonic Chaos let Starswirl think it as an even REMOTELY good idea to randomly banish creatures and items into a random dimension with no thought to repercussions on that dimension or his own? That screams either sheer idiocy or arrogance.

Sincerely, The Solemn Stargazer: Number 0 of the Neo-Organization
9/25/2019 c2 17Silverscale
Here is my Question! I am writing it on a scroll made out of ironwood bark in draconic runes from Faerun Toril, D&D.

[Start Letter]

Greetings to you Chaoscast.

I am very fascinated by your show. Plus I love the fact that this gave me a free TV, since the people of Faerun haven't managed to invent it yet. I am going to play some of the games I got from Earth Prime on this thing once I get out my old Xbox and get an Artificer to enhance it to work without electricity.

Anyhow. I have a few questions for you.

First. The ponies of your world is made up by a mixture of magical beings, even the earth ponies and Zebras from what I have made out by your physical enhancement, voodoo and alchemical powers. So I am curious how it came to it that the ponies ended up separated into different beings, and are still able to have foals with each other. It is a very fascinating concept as in my world the Unicorns, Pegasus and other enhanced equine species are unable to breed with each other, or are extremely violent to each other.

Second. I have taken a note that your world has gone through a lot of changes during a very short period of time. Very much like my own, only on a much larger scale. Large landmasses have sunk or risen. Seas have overflown or become smaller. Mountains have crumbled and risen. So many interesting things. But at the same time are they very discouraging. Do you have the equivalence to druids on your world? Beings who work to safeguard the stability and safety of nature and environments? Because if you do, they are not doing their job. If you don't, then may I suggest you consider starting such a group?

Third: I have spoken to some of the arcane spell casters of my home. And they have asked me to ask you. Why ponies are so limited in their magical abilities. I personally can see how they are more inclined towards the powers their bodies give them. But most wizard and sorcerers are curious why no one but unicorns seems to be able to cast spells or arcane magic. Whilst the Warlocks wants to know if there are beings like their Patrons who offers magical abilities to others in return for services.

Fourth: IF there are equivalents of alicorns in other species. Then may I ask which have been discovered so far? I can assume that most of pony kind are limited to the alicorns, but I would not be surprised if there exist alternative versions that are not alicorns. Like a zebra granted a form similar to that of an elemental. Whilst the dragons of your world may gain similar forms to that of the dragon gods of my world. With Tiamat, the Dragon Queen, the Chromatic Goddess of Evil, having a large dragon body with five heads, one red, one white, one black, one green and one blue.

Fifth: Does Celestia have any free time as a princess? If she does what would be the ideal way to contact her? And does she have any specific opinion about dragons, or druids? Because I'd like to meet her. Not like a date I mean. I mean, she seems like a very interesting character. And I... okay fine I'd like to ask her on a date.

And those were all my questions. You are free to ignore the last one, not sure why I wrote it. But it would be nice if I got a response. There's a gemstone at the base of this scroll with an image recorded within it, just hold it up to a light source and an image will appear. the image is of my true form. If you can send it to Celestia please do so.

Staadnauthursil, Archdruid of the Moon Circle, Ancient Silver Wyrm of the Sword Coast.

[End of the Letter]

There is a spherical gemstone in a socket in the bark. If held up to a light source will an image of a silver dragon with several antler like horns making a wave, from the background of the image, is this dragon very big. As he is standing next to a massive ruined castle on a mountain top, and he is towering over the ancient ruin. (Around 2.5 the size of Deathwing from Warcraft)

[End image]

And that's my letter. Hope it is acceptable. Celestia is best pony. *Thumbs up*
9/24/2019 c2 17duskrider
Rather interesring. It is good to see where things are going from here.
Oh for a question or two for next time I have this.
How did Spike's egg end up so far away from other dragons? Does the way that he was hatched influence his growth? Just how old was Spike's egg anyway?
Just where did many of these ancient races go? Oh and was there ever a hairless ape running around? My neighbor writes too much fanfic about them so we need some answers so I can get more than a hour of sleep.
9/24/2019 c2 Guest
Excellent work here love your story's
9/24/2019 c2 Digifan303
Great job here I really love all of your story's keep up the outstanding work my friend
9/24/2019 c2 Guest
Nicely done here
9/23/2019 c2 TerenceC
Here’s my letter
Hey Discord so this is what you’ve been up to, and here I thought you were avoiding me. You still owe me for that poker game at Tunok’s. But that aside I’d like to here more about how ponies where able to settle at all if the dark age is so full of monsters. I’d also like to hear more about merponies, specifically where they are now? They’d make a great addition to my navy.
Mesugog the dream eater
9/22/2019 c2 Leaf Ninja 91
Very nice work.
9/22/2019 c2 nightmaster000
A brilliant chapter kinda of hitting myself for missing out on the Question and Answering part too be honest, but oh well.

I'm quite curious and eager to see if we we'll see darker facts hidden in history come up, i'm leaning towards a yes if those hints about the landscape going through a massive change since than is anything to go by.

Also would love to see more mentions of Grogar that's for sure, frankly when I think Grogar I think this. i . kym - cdn photos / images / newsfeed / 000 / 297 / 541 / adb . png

Hmm as for next visitors well how about three certain Sirens Adaigo, Aria, and Sonata. Heck for all we know they have been around even back than.
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