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5/10/2019 c1 HollyleafML
I feel like whenever someone writes Fablehaven Fanfiction it seems like it's actually Brandon Mull writing it because they make it so realistic! I actually found myself forgetting which events happened in Fanfiction, and which events actually happened in the actual books. Anyway, you totally captured how little Seth and Kendra probably would act, I love it!
5/10/2019 c1 2FairyGirl22
Wow. I’m very impressed by how you captured the kids general excitement and mannerisms. It feels like how kids would actually act. Everything felt very realistic, which made reading it feel very authentic. Also, I love baby Kendra and Seth.
5/10/2019 c1 17Melissa Waters
I absolutely loved it!
5/10/2019 c1 Jesussavedevenme
This was soooooooooo amazingly adorable! I LOVED IT! I loved the bond between little Kendra and Seth. I also loved how you wrote their parents. All around amazing fic!

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