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11/14 c11 4FigsVsNewton
Ndid not expect and was pleasantly surprised, beautifully done
10/13 c11 Jolanda
Wow, steamy chapter.
I like those updates, but I would really love some new chapters for The arranged marriage and The Slytherin champion.
My very favourite of your stories is Veela heart.
Keep writing please, we all need some cheering up in those dark times (new Corona lockdown)
10/13 c11 Guest
Good chapter. Loved reading it.

Thanks for writing,
10/12 c11 Wishfull-star
Lol that was extremely hot thanks for writing this one shot and stay safe:)
10/12 c11 lady sakura cosmos
good story
10/12 c8 FlowersBite
This was just too good, I know there are no intentions of making it a longer stand alone story but it was one of the best read!
10/12 c6 FlowersBite
Beautiful story!
10/12 c1 FlowersBite
Okay, I freakin loved that it had me smiling like a loon!
10/12 c11 yukino76
unexpected development but very interesting thanks for sharing
10/12 c11 10Janessa Wolf - Soul
Okay, this one has to be one of favorites out of the other pairings. The others would be Sandor/Harry, Tyrion/Harry, and the one with Brandon too.
10/12 c11 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I love it
10/11 c5 GreenEyedGazer
I love these chapters. such different stories but all great. I got a good laugh at the flag of the free north. was that an allusion to the Canadian flag?
10/11 c11 2shadewatcher
Bwahahahahahahahahahaaa! XD
10/6 c10 danjana
Don’t give Rhaegar all of the blame, half of that shit belongs to Lyanna’s ass! Rhaegar didn’t cause this mess by himself, her ass was right next to him causing that uproar! She deserves to have her ass dragged to hell and back just like Harry gave Rhaegar and I think that Elia should have been the one dragging it there. Don’t let her off the hook, she ran away from her responsibilities, and because of that a fucking WAR started because their asses were selfish. She’s not innocent in this fiasco. If I were Elia, I would take my kids and move in a wing of the castle FAR away from Rhaegar and his ‘other’ and have as little interaction with the two of them as possible...Lyanna (bitch) you wanted him, you can have him...just know that MY son will be the one sitting on the throne.
9/23 c10 1Astrid of Dragons
Thank you so much for this Harry/Brandon Stark one-shot! I love this pairing and there simply isn’t enough of it.
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