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for Stoppable Family Vacation

8/4/2020 c34 138Gothicthundra
*snorts* the utter chaos lol.
7/6/2020 c34 Guest
How long is this story going to last?
4/7/2020 c32 Guest
Please make another update soon.
12/25/2019 c29 Guest
Will you be updating this story more often now since the Kim Possible Fanny's are done? I follow your story but since you don't update that much I kinda lost track.
12/26/2019 c28 37F86Sabre53
Canna has gone to far this time. Only this time, she's done it by accident.

But whether or not that lit cigarette flew back into the camper. It can still cause a fire.

There's a reason it's always important to dispose of garbage, like lit cigarettes, wisely.
10/30/2019 c26 Guest
that’s definitely not how bras work lmao
10/30/2019 c27 Guest
Is this story going to last a whole flipping year? I heard there's going to be 8 days of this vacation and you're still on day 2! No offense but that's the one thing I love about Chris Palmer x stories. He updates them every week!
10/10/2019 c27 nikiharper
I'm slightly disappointed you're still on day 2 when I can't wait for day 6! (wink, wink) But, hey - you'll get there when you get there, right? Thanks for the update.
10/6/2019 c24 nikiharper
It's been a while...any new updates on this story?
9/5/2019 c24 F86Sabre53
Canna with a weapon to attract a huge crowd. Surrounded by a paparazzi is probably the last thing, or amongst the growing list of last things, the Stoppable family would want to happen to them.

Kim having another wardrobe malfunction? If this keeps up, it's going to be beyond so the drama! When you put it that way, it might be better if these frequent wardrobe malfunctions happened to Ron instead of Kim.
9/5/2019 c23 F86Sabre53
Seems like the live-action versions of Drakken and Shego have really upset their animated counterparts.

I bet Shego and Drakken now have the urge to give the creators of the KP LAM a piece of their minds for getting Shego's clothes wrong and Drakken's skin wrong.
9/5/2019 c22 F86Sabre53
I had no idea there was a place in Nebraska called Valentine

It was very rude of Canna to slam a door in Kim's face. But I wasn't surprised. After all, she's a mean girl who is secretly in cahoots with Bonnie
9/2/2019 c24 Guest
This story is dragging on for to damn long. 24 chapters in and I'm board.
8/20/2019 c2 20jettmanas
Creative look at them married and with kids. I'm guessing you have stories that lead up to this.

proofing find:
pointing to the still-mov (likely: the still-moving substance.)
(H)appy Father's

You got quite a few chapters! Solid humor. I liked the descriptions and dialogue. You've really got the characters down. Well done.
8/13/2019 c21 9ChrisPalmer
How many days is this vacation going to last? You've over 20 chapters and your only on day 2!
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