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8/12/2019 c21 37F86Sabre53
Alexa coloring herself in with crayons? That's crazy! But then again, some kids have probably done that.

Always a bad idea to be cleaning a child and driving at the same time.

More damaged to the Stoppable-mobile.

Canna succeeding in getting humiliating pictures of Kim.

It just gets worse.
8/12/2019 c20 F86Sabre53
Having to deal with bad screams and bad smells for miles would be a terrible experience. I feel bad for Kim, Ron, and Rufus when they had to cope with Justin's and Alexa's screams.

Canna still plotting with Bonnie. What will happen?
8/1/2019 c19 9ChrisPalmer
When will this story continue? I'm curious to see if your to use my ideas or not. :)
7/25/2019 c19 138Gothicthundra
oooooooo the plot thickens!
7/20/2019 c19 Guest
After 19 chapters we're only on day 2 of this vacation? How long is this vacation? How many chapters do you intend to write?
7/19/2019 c19 que hubiese pasado
a question when you update nacoa and a movie
7/18/2019 c19 37F86Sabre53
It's bad enough that Canna is a tobacco chewer with a bad attitude, but to be in cahoots with Bonnie?!

I just hope Bonnie's plan hits a snag, otherwise the Stoppables' vacation will be at its worst.
7/10/2019 c18 F86Sabre53
The damage to the Stoppable-mobile, as well as the camper, just get's worse!

Who knew that a hail storm could rip a camper's door from it's hinges?

The last thing you want is for animals to get into the van an leave behind...leavings.
7/10/2019 c17 F86Sabre53
Car alarms can be a nuisance sometimes. And I had no idea the noise came from under the hood.

Even though Wade says that things probably will get better, I sense that things will only get worse.

What was going to be a regular thunderstorm warning turned into a tornado warning with baseball sized hail. Sometimes, I think the weather is unpredictable, no matter how good our technology for predicting weather is.
7/2/2019 c16 F86Sabre53
I can't believe that Canna would be willing to free animals by any means. I am happy that she was willing to free animals from getting slaughtered, but in a way...what she did was stupid. I consider Canna's actions the stupidest and sweetest thing ever.

As for the giant gravy tidal wave, I bet it was larger than the pickle juice tidal wave Ron caused while briefly working at the Middleton mall restaurant, Pickle on a Pike.
7/2/2019 c15 F86Sabre53
Kim had an embarrassing moment as a result of someone Bonnie sent to do some damage.

What else will Bonnie throw at the Stoppables?

I just hope that the Stoppables will find out about Bonnie's plans and get back at her. And hard.
6/30/2019 c14 9ChrisPalmer
Your stories are well structured and are always very fun to read. Keep it up!
6/27/2019 c14 37F86Sabre53
A whole bunch of birds pooping on a single car? That doesn't seem natural. In other worse, maybe there is a curse!

Even though they couldn't get all the bird poop off the car, at least the windows were cleaned so they could see. Especially out the back window.
6/27/2019 c13 F86Sabre53
Going to a gas station with all bathrooms out of order is always a nightmare, mostly for those who really have to go.

Ron causing damage to the vehicle while driving? I think, Kim, should drive for the rest of the trip.

Whenever Ron says that he can handle anything, something bad always happens.

And Canna really has to watch her language. If not, she could use a bar of soap in the mouth like Ralphie from, A Christmas Story, after he uttered the f-bomb.
6/27/2019 c12 F86Sabre53
I wonder what will be the 'weapon' Bonnie will unleash.

Whatever it will be, I think it's gonna Mermaid Man from SpongeBob would say, "EVIL!"
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