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11/15/2020 c4 4Lucius Walker
I just got started into IS, and the first thing I thought of was Iron Man. Looks like great minds think alike, huh?

Quite an interesting start. I love how you mixed in the Marvel Universe (or rather, the Iron Man part anyways) into the IS universe, and while I was initially puzzled at your choice to make Stane a female, with context of the IS universe and with the changes you made, it makes sense.

Ultron as his AI partner, huh? Looks like that was a mistake. Can't wait to figure out how else this story goes.
7/17/2020 c4 Guest
I have to say, I'm not a fan of Infinate stratos, but this story continues to amaze me. I feel like this is the perfect level of Tony charm. So Ultron is making his move early it seems. I wonder how long before Tony figures it out
7/17/2020 c4 4MrSoandSo
Hmm Tony built Ultron in this world?
4/30/2020 c3 IronManSupreme
Mutha sucka update this godly story.
4/4/2020 c1 Sagnik Deb
Update soon plz
11/19/2019 c1 1jesus
Can you do Wolverine/Freezing crossover? A young teenage Logan aka Wolverine attends to a school and gets paired with both Satellizer and Elizabeth.
8/23/2019 c3 6XWorrior1113
BAD ULTRON, BAD. No planing evil schemes while Tony is trying to figure out highschool life.
7/8/2019 c1 Dracus6
Iron Man x Harem
6/24/2019 c2 waile
please don't let ultron be a villain
6/21/2019 c1 49ptl
Crap, Ultron. And IS cores also have AIs, just in case.
6/18/2019 c2 guest
I just saw a story in the Infinite Stratos section, where Ichika was just the "New" Tony Stark. it is much better written and especially more interesting because having a higher potential than this one. sorry but me I don't agree to the idea that you have replaced Ichika by Tony.

the other reason is that by replacing Ichika with Tony, you follow the same events as Ichika! it is terribly annoying to see another character (Naruto, Natsu, Oc ...) behave in the same way, follow the same events as the protagonist himself!

Tony is only an Ichika 2.0, that is to say an Ichika without his defects as his "supposed" density

the scene with Cecilia made me want to yawn, I had the impression to see again an Ichika bis.

as I feared Tony is an "improved" Ichika. I go back to the Infinite Stratos section, the stories where Ichika is present as character are much better than this one.


I didn't understand anything about your gibberish about Ichika?
could you be clearer?

why Ichika who never knew he could pilote an IS until he discovered by chance that he could do it!
I remember that living in a society dominated by women, he didn't need to learn to pilote since reserved primarily for girls lol!

it's like learning to swim or bike, as long as you don't know if you are capable do it, no need to learn.

I tried to use a translator but it doesn't seem to understand your gibberish (and me either!)

Ichika really is stupid as I throw away a book about IS that had a note about the book that read "mandatory reading", besides that Ichika could not even admit on the first day that he did not want to be in the IS Academy and for that reason he does not know about IS, if he had done that then he would have avoided many unnecessary problems.

source? anime? light novel?

wiki quotes:

1) There was an episode where he tried to kiss Houki, but the other girls stopped him so he picked her up and ran.

2) Ichika can be extremely clueless when it comes to the feelings of the girls, he is more worried about the fact that he is more controlling it, and the fact that it has been made to live by a very large group of girls. He believes that there is no chance for him to get a girlfriend, as he told Chifuyu that he would not be able to match any of the girls' perfect sides (not knowing that he is the type of guy all the girls want). However, in the light novels especially, there are hints that Ichika's not quite as oblivious as he lets on, with Charlotte even suspecting that he's doing it on purpose.

3) At the end of Volume 8, Ichika started avoiding the 5 main heroines after seeing that they all had delusions about him. This embarrasses them since he still remembers what he saw and heard instead of forgetting it. By Volume 9, Ichika got over this and became comfortable around them again. However, he's becoming more aware of the girls and members of the opposite sex, something that is noticed by the girls and even himself. He would likewise treat them better than he did before. This cause is still more nervous around him, even the previously playful Tatenashi.

Are you really "sure" that Ichika is as dense as described in the anime? either the anime is very bad, or you are stupid to take for "cash" what is described in the anime.

I infer a lack of reflection. lack of reflection that would arrange some well ...
6/17/2019 c2 DungeonMaster
Wonderful that this story continues, I hope the story goes slower and focuses on the relationships and interactions between characters. Tony does not need to use a book about IS, he can memorize them completely. Maybe JARVIS does not appear but we have Jarvis XD

Tony must get his own workshop because if he works on his armor in the room he is not only bothering Hoiki but also the other people in the building, not to mention that a accident could happen and Chifuyu did not like that XD

I did not expect Stane to be a woman but I hope that she is the only female character since if the female version of Marvel characters appears only because "the world has a matriarchal hierarchy" or such nonsense, then it would be somewhat disappointing.

I hope that eventually Cecilia will also tell her past to Tony.

Only two chapters and you decide to destroy the world, Ultron. Maybe Ultron can use Silverio Gospel

Ultron must hate the current state of the world. The current society is only based on an illusion, an illusion based on borrowed power. After all IS technology exists because Tabane allows it, 467 cores exites means that only 467 women can use this power borrowed, at the same time they only project an illusion of force coming from borrowed power.

The fact that IS can only be piloted by women is not proof of feminine superiority, but the intelligence and madness of a single person. After all Tabane created them that way, if she wanted it you could create new Cores that functions specifically in man or any other specific condition, such as carrying a certain DNA strain, then society will change again (Infinite Stratos: Demons of the Sky by Shidou Haruka)

Ignore flo463 and guest (May 14), they forget that if there are men who are owners of Industries and companies, for example Dunois Industry, the only reason why Dunois Industry is doing so badly is because they did not show much progress in the development of the third generation of the IS. Unlike the other nations, France did not join the EU and, in turn, was forced to develop a third generation.

Ichika really is stupid as I throw away a book about IS that had a note about the book that read "mandatory reading", besides that Ichika could not even admit on the first day that he did not want to be in the IS Academy and for that reason he does not know about IS, if he had done that then he would have avoided many unnecessary problems.
6/17/2019 c2 6XWorrior1113
Ultron... please no... Let Tony get at least a few girls before you wreak everything
5/24/2019 c1 2VGBlackwing
I agree with you the amount of being dense for ichika should be illegal in my opinion wouldn't be surprise if one of the girls literally kills him
5/24/2019 c1 Zahndrekh
How can Tony be a billionaire in a matriarchal society? the women have replaced the men, it gives me a slight impression that you have neglected this part.

and what stupidity? as guest pointed out, Ichika lived all his life in a matriarchal society, where women dominate men. if he has never been to school before, I don't see how he would be "stupid"? ignorant certainly, but not necessarily stupid.

disappointed to see Tony in the "role" of the childhood friend because I have a weakness for this genre of pairing.

to replace Tony with Ichika? no thank you I will pass because it is precisely the kind of stories that bores me.
a story with Ichika Stark Okimura would have just as interesting at read, I think.
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