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for The Flame of Immortality

2/9/2020 c41 Brent Batin
I was expecting the spaghetti kiss.
2/1/2020 c2 Brent Batin
How can Pit write?!
2/1/2020 c37 Brent Batin
Can’t wait for next chapter

5/5 Stars
1/25/2020 c36 Brent Batin
That’s it, no fight with Hade’s just to save her like in the Super Mario games? But what do I care, good chapter, I bet there’ll be a chapter about fighting Hades.
1/21/2020 c35 Brent Batin
Good Chapter, but why not make Pit finish off Pandora.

But I like to see if you make chapter 36 as the second to last chapter.
1/14/2020 c34 Brent Batin
Good chapter

Can’t wait for chapter 35!
1/1/2020 c33 Brent
Chapter 34 please
12/9/2019 c32 1Fosco21
Pit sure loves his hot spring. I do feel like that one line that 'a celebration with cake will be in order' sounded weird coming from Pit, though, he doesn't use fancy words.

Looking forward to however the big finale goes.
9/15/2019 c19 Fosco21
I thought the twist here was pretty good. Is this story still going? It seems nothing's happened for about a month.
6/13/2019 c11 Fosco21
This fic's update speed has to be the best I've ever seen, really. It really just makes it that much more enjoyable when it's fast. It's still covering all the important story bits in a Kid Icarus style.

For me the highlight of the chapter was Hade's line. I liked that the Reset Bombs are getting used again too. The unpredictable events like Pyhhron allying with Hades help make the story more interesting to read. Looking forward to the next chapter.
6/8/2019 c8 Fosco21
This story is great. It fits the Kid Icarus style perfectly, has all the humor Kid Icarus normally does, all the characters still have their personality, and there's a lot of good progress with the characters. Palutena and Viridi making an alliance makes a lot of sense and gives a perfect reason for characters like Pit and Phosphora to interact, Pit going on a date with Phosphora is great development for him. Apparently he's even immortal now, but I guess that makes a whole lot of sense if he's going to date a girl who is also immortal, and it worked out great as a present. Now I wonder if Pit will ever achieve his ultimate goal and fly by himself. Phosphora was going to teach him some of her lightning powers, and she seems plenty able to fly on her own with those. He also levitated a little bit when he absorbed the Flame of Immortality. So maybe he can learn to fly? It'd be pretty cool if he did. Plus he's definitely gonna need it if he wants to ever fly around with Phosphora on a date without Palutena being a chaperone.

Anyway, this rescue arc is pretty good, I'm eager to see where you'll go with it.
5/29/2019 c5 Chaotician
Im loving this story so far, there's never enough pit x phosphora stories. Your writing's great so keep up the good work!
5/29/2019 c5 Guest
Ok I know it’s only been 5 chapters but so far everything is perfect!
Pit, perfect!
Dark pi- Blade, Perfect!
Phosphora, perfect!
Literally every thing is perfect!
I can’t wait for the next chapter!
5/15/2019 c1 i cant read
i love it its really funny and i wish it would continue also i like how exited pit was about the hot spring lol.

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