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for King Stark

4/1/2021 c2 GreciaYarenPM
Una historia bastante satisfactoria que todos hubiéramos querido ver.
Gracias por escribir esta maravilla.
5/14/2020 c2 98Dan Sickles
This was awesome! I really enjoyed every single moment, and I was very impressed by the accuracy of calling Joffrey by the name Waters. I assume that is the name of all bastards in his region?
10/2/2019 c2 Nagraj
You really think that Sansa would be alive if Robb had stormed the Kings Landing.
10/1/2019 c2 Rowdy Guest
Justice and so delicious it is good read .
5/11/2019 c1 Moshi
Just a note: the Red Keep is SMALLER than Winterfell. Harrenhal is the biggest castle in Westeros and Winterfell is used as a measurement to describe just how huge Harrenhal is. Winterfell’s Godswood, which is located within the inner wall (which is 100 ft high) is 3 acres (think 3 football fields put together). Winterfell is one of the biggest castles in Westeros. Please, fix this.
5/11/2019 c1 Boramir
Everyone wants to see this scene.

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