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for Code Geass: Lelouch of the Instrumentality

7/2/2019 c1 10leo0074
Really interested dto see where this goes. Hope to hear more from you soon...
6/15/2019 c1 Akuma-Heika
When discussing the death toll, you forgot a word. I am assuming you meant half, unless you forgot two words.

Curious about the Lulu's Eva (and its appearance, some parts are easy to imagine, others are not). If memory serves, I believe the Evas are cyborgs rather than androids (and I believe it is Eva canon as well). At their core, they are biological, being Seed (Adam and Lilith) clones. Androids are completely machine, although I could see biologically synthetic androids not counting (although I do not think they would technically be androids at that point either [not without a lot of alteration on laws {a human would qualify as an android in this scenario}]), the Eva's do have outright cybernetic implants, so even then they would still crossover as being a cybernetic organism aka both biological and mechanical.

Sad I missed the poll, do you mind putting up all the options in an AN along with how the vote went next chapter? I am completely fine with LuluRei, so the only part I am sad about is that I didn't get to see names (and begin extrapolating where you are going with them :D). Your current poll about your CGF xover for example is telling in some regards based on who is on the poll and who is not.

Another technical detail, the pod he is in, doesn't have any screens. What the pilot sees is a sense synesthesia (not quite accurate since it isn't that they are perceiving other senses with their own, but I think it would qualify). They see with the Eva's senses, and we see that as them seeing screens (whether this was to keep the pilot shots from being too boring, or as an implication that their minds are not able to overwrite their personal senses, and thus creates an illusion about the "screens" is up to debate [in which case, 100% sync would have that effect]). The pods were very bare bones, at least until the Dummy Project.

Favorited. I eagerly await more from another of your grand creations!
5/26/2019 c1 Mercurius Darkness
this should be interesting
5/19/2019 c1 17Red Raven 007
How about a double pair for Lelouch to make his life more complicated than it already is? A love triangle between him, Asuka, and Rei. Because I remember the Evangelion series always like to mess the lives of it's main characters and making it for them complicated to live normally as a teenager.

Now, I don't want Lelouch to get all miserable and suffer the same fate as Shinji did but this is one of the core elements of the Evangelion series so you gotta add that love triangle.
5/13/2019 c1 8Grey Wolf4
This is pretty good and a most interesting crossover.

As for whom Shinji gets paired with I'd rather not see her with Asuka, I'd prefer him with a Code Geass character.
5/12/2019 c1 1OBSERVER01
Awesome! I like how youre giving shinji a break here. Imma assume mariannes soul is in the eva that lelouch is now piloting right . Dont really mind lelouch being paired with rei. As for shinji if he doesnt get paired with asuka then i propose pairing him with either nunnally, kallen or anya.

Also some corrections, charles is the 98th emperor not 97th. Agonize should be antagonize
5/12/2019 c1 Dracus6
can you please update the next chapter of Code Geass and akame ga kill crossover
5/12/2019 c1 21Zero H Gundam
great story here looking forward to more.
5/12/2019 c1 4tf330129
Keep it up :)

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