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for Prince of Uprising

7/4/2019 c14 E
Hope you update soon and here an idea since it is Fourth of July why don’t you have callum Rayla and ezran show up on the 4th of July or end the story at the 4th of July that way the elves and dragons minus Xara & Onya and the human kingdoms see the holiday we’re we humans of earth and America celibate our day of Independence day but after the kaiju war the 4th of July is celebrated by everyone around the world hope you like it
7/3/2019 c14 E
Happy to see the story will be back on its feet soon
6/15/2019 c13 E
It getting even more gripping reminds me of the legend of kora when Amon took Lin bending away when onya calls aaravos monster can’t wait for the next chapter cliffhanger always live me gripping to know what happens next for our characters
6/9/2019 c12 E
I hope you update soon I’m dying to know how the twins will save Xara
6/6/2019 c12 E
I can’t wait the bad guys take over katios and have seized the throne no less this is gripping me
6/2/2019 c11 E
I love it so fare wonder what Anthony gonna say when he finds out his kids are piloting omega Trinity when he comes out of his coma and I hope Xara get free from her mind control
6/1/2019 c10 E
I love your chapter so fare can’t wait to see what happens next
5/28/2019 c9 Guest
Ohhh the kingdom on lockdown anthony’s in a coma for who knows how long this story gripping me can’t wait for what happens next
5/26/2019 c8 E
Ohhh newt breaks Viren out of jail and is taking him to meet with aaravoss or back to earth to plot on how to help the precursor
5/26/2019 c7 E
I love it so far so the wolf girl is a student on earth instead of being born on xadia what a change
5/21/2019 c5 E
I hope we see the dark Jaeger that newt makes cause it be pretty cool for the kids to fight that one in gypsy danger to prove to their parents that they are ready
5/21/2019 c5 E
Love it hope Anthony Cools down after this guessing he didn’t take it will I can understand that he lost his family to the kaiju so he wasn’t going to lose his new one I wonder if that female student from chapter 4 was Ava can’t wait till chapter 6
5/19/2019 c4 E
I love it the kids are going to be piloting gypsy danger now that going to be cool wonder if the parents are going to train them to fight when this all over with or their going to be really pissed to see their kids piloting Jaeger and almost get killed ohhhhh this going to be good either. Way hahahaha
5/16/2019 c3 E
I love it so fare the Russians are the kids god parents honestly I did not see that coming I love it I happy the kids didn’t get expelled can’t wait what happens next
5/14/2019 c2 E
I already love we’re its going can’t wait to see what happened next
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