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for Make it Wrong or Make it Right

11/5/2019 c1 308Herochick007
The ending... oh my Gods the ending. I can understand why she made the choice she did, she'd already lost everyone she knew, only to find someone new and lose him too. Now, she'll never lose anyone again.

I liked how she ended up on the Titanic. It mirrored the fight in Order of the Phoenix, which I'm sure was your intent. I felt for her when she got transported and felt lost. I hated how the upper class people were rude, but it was very in character of a person at that time.

I really don't know much about the Titanic, so if there were any historical errors, I wouldn't have noticed. I also have never seen the movie Titanic, so that could not influence my opinion of your story.

While I do not believe this story is my cup of tea, it was well written and the descriptions really pull the reader in. I had tears in my eyes at the last paragraph. Good job!
10/31/2019 c1 227hmweasley
Starting the story with them being in the water after the ship sinks was a great move. Of course, it's a Titanic crossover, so I expected the ship to sink, but seeing that, I knew right away that they weren't going to both be saved on life boats or anything. And that made the entire story feel even more ominous than it might have otherwise.

The time travel aspect of the fic (instead of just having Marlene living at the time of the Titanic) was also a creative touch that I really think added to the story. I have so many questions about why they were fighting the Death Eaters in the Department of Mysteries; I feel like that could be a story on its own. That was an interesting way to get Marlene back in time when she likely wouldn't have chosen to travel to the Titanic on her own.

I enjoyed Marlene teasing the officers, especially when it came to their views on women and mentioning that she should be living with her parents. The different worldviews clashing is one of the most interesting parts of stories like this, I think, and you did a great job with that.

It didn't really occur to me that, if Marlene died on board the Titanic, that would count as her dying during the war in the canon universe. For some reason, I assumed that she'd make it back somehow and then die later in the war, but her dying on the ship actually makes a lot more sense. I thought the ending was very sad, but it's really well written, especially Marlene's emotion. I enjoyed this a lot.

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