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for The Long Night that was Promised

5/3 c1 1SeaweedBrainIsBlue
need more
This is fantastic. I agree with all your sentiments. Your writing is wonderful. Please keep going. I am still trying to get over the last season and what the writers did, that is why I am reading all these wonderful stories. This is how it should have happened. Bravo!
3/27 c19 Wulfkin17
Binged and waiting for more!
3/26 c10 arata7kasuga
Still your grace this, lord snow that, my queen, etc? They aren't even in a meeting, why not use each others name xD They should be beyond the use of such formality and use of titles when the setting doesn't match. They love each other and everyone around them already knows this as well .-.
3/25 c9 arata7kasuga
Cute scene with Missandei and the kids! Meh, Theon. He is probably the character I like the least, the obvious villains excluded.
3/25 c8 arata7kasuga
I don't get why they can't make love. Sure they need time for all the revelations to sink in and process them, but they can still think and process after they make love. Just because they are intimate doesn't mean they suddenly become incapable of doing so. In fact, it could get them all exhausted and in turn they can rest better and think with clearer heads the next day, so in essence it is actually more helpful than anything.
3/25 c7 arata7kasuga
Hahaha Sandor and Gray Worm made me laugh xD Hmm Dany referring to Jon as 'My King' is getting Jon all hot and bothered ;) For some reason it irks me when she refers to Jon as Lord Snow. Then again, I guess they were in a meeting and they haven't come out about getting married in the future yet.. I do love when she calls him my love or my King tho :3
3/25 c6 arata7kasuga
Randyl definitely needed to die, though I am quite sure Dickon could have been saved after his father died. He coulda just been taken back to his mother or simply as a prisoner of war or w/e, he only stood with his father because it was his father. The whole 'subjugate yourself or die' ultimatum has always rubbed me the wrong way to be honest. It is the ONE thing I really dislike about Dany, otherwise I love the girl to bits 3 Also, why would Jon just be King consort if they married? Does she not wish to treat him as her equal? I don't get the vibe that she views him as lower than herself, or that she thinks him unworthy of being at her side equally so why consort?

The way Arya defended Dany was amazing. The scene of Dany comforting Jon was even more so. That was so heartwarming and wholesome :3
3/25 c5 arata7kasuga
Hmm, why would Rhaegal say that Jon isn't a wolf? Isn't he literally as much wolf as he is dragon? to deny either truth is to deny himself and his existence. That said, that whole flying sequence was life itself. I loved every moment of it and omg Dany's confession was breathtaking 3
3/25 c4 arata7kasuga
Well, that was something.
2/17 c18 lalalamb
I like it...my original expectations of the long night is like about generations of winter ya know xD I kinda want winter to spread even to the south and essos too xD
2/16 c1 lalalamb
there's hope in the books, the original script, if it'll ever be finished xD
2/17 c2 arata7kasuga
I mean, tension is just secondary lol, what truly matters are the Jon/Dany moments ;)
2/9 c19 Burger
Great story so far. That first battle was awesome.

Jon and Dany’s relationship has just the right amount of drama, cheesyness, and fluff. You’ve made them balance each other very well and have still portrayed them as strong on their own. And that moment between them by the waterfall was 10/10.

Very much intrigued and excited by Euron and the Night King here. While I don’t doubt the latter will remain the main antagonist for the rest of the story, the former seems like he’s just going to throw a wrench in everyone’s plans.

Seems like you might incorporate the rest of the kingdoms along with Young Griff into the conflict here. It’ll be interesting to see how you juggle the rest of Westeros (but mostly Varys) playing the game while everyone up North are actually fighting for the only thing that actually matters, survival.

I wonder how far south you’re gonna have the dead push everyone. I think it’d be cool if the army of the dead were able to reach all the way to Dorne, but I’m gonna guess that at the most they’ll reach King’s Landing or the Reach.

Can’t wait to read more, and good luck with the things you’ve got going on in the real world.
2/6 c19 Jonerys2019
Cersei and Euron are off the rails, but that's a good thing for the plot.

Varys on the other hand... must he always be disloyal to every new ruler he serves?

Hoping for some Jon and Dany loving next chapter
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