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8/3/2019 c1 Guest
Hi I'm not really so into GOT at the moment and I'm shore you know why. I have been a fan of Scar Tissue and work had destracted me so I only now have finshed it and wanted to say that it was thee best Eva fic I have ever read. I also want to know if you could write a fic for charecters that are kind of like Asuka and Shinji. I know it weird but could you please do a fic like Scar Tissue about Edd and Marie ? I watched the series again and the movie and wondered what if after the movie the 3 Eds were sent away for a year cause of what they did but came back changed cause the place they were send was you live or you died based. Edd and Marie are a really good match and with your skills I'm shore you could crack out another great fic. Thanks for your time keep well.
6/15/2019 c1 BethanyRose92
So beautifully written and painful to read in the best way.
6/11/2019 c1 3drakos4
To the core...touching.
5/21/2019 c1 simaruba
Wonderful. Simply wonderful.
5/15/2019 c1 17IronicSymphony
That was beautiful. Thank you. I needed that.
5/14/2019 c1 3hexphoenix
Beautiful, this was very sweet
5/14/2019 c1 ocnbrez320711
What a beautiful story! Well written, emotional, descriptive, true to character. Had me tears, I will read it again later, when I'm alone to really bawl like i want to
5/14/2019 c1 magnus374
This was a very good piece, sad, but so good.
5/14/2019 c1 uqiam
Okay...I cried like a little baby.

Really nice writing.
5/14/2019 c1 lprg77
Oh my goodness...I have no words. This is just beautiful and a fitting tribute and I am going to absorb it into my own personal GoT cannon. In the absence of Sandor returning to Sansa, this is exactly as it should have been. Thank you so much for sharing this with us - it's just lovely. Now excuse me while I go clean my face of tears.

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