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for The Vampire Diarie Harry Potter: The Dark of You

6/23 c37 ZexusAstral
“Do you the sex of the babe” bruhh
6/22 c37 9910868letsgo
I love it! Glad to have you back~!
6/22 c37 686xXBalorBabeXx
Kol is a hothead!
3/10 c36 xXBalorBabeXx
You're welcome and I can't wait to see what their baby will be like
2/28 c1 redorlem1
Ive only read the first chapter and im already in love with it!
2/25 c35 xXBalorBabeXx
Finn needs to get back to Luna!
2/20 c15 16Child of Dreams
Sounds like a demiguise, except for the attacking people thing...
2/20 c7 Child of Dreams
Crucio is the torture curse, not the death curse...
2/18 c34 686xXBalorBabeXx
Damn it, Finn's trapped! And you're welcome. :)
2/11 c33 xXBalorBabeXx
Klaus went insane!
2/4 c32 xXBalorBabeXx
Intense chapter indeed
2/1 c31 Hermione Odinson
I would love for Hermione to get pregnant with Elijah's baby.
1/29 c31 KittyWolfM
They are fools if they think they'll get Luna's baby. No way will Hermione let that happen. They haven't seen a truly pissed off Hermione yet. Looking forward to seeing what happens next
1/28 c31 xXBalorBabeXx
I hope Elijah will be okay
1/28 c31 9910868letsgo
No matter the reason is. Dahlia did this out of jealousy and anger all because Esther has fallen in love with two men and she made the biggest mistakes that her children had to suffer. She cannot fix what is already broken. But Klaus should also, forgive what has happened too. Because if he doesn't then he is letting them have the power over him.
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