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10/16/2019 c9 6MEleeSmasher
Try explaining that they could wipe out the Metro faster than the Hive unless given reason to. But you could take down the jamming station on the outskirts to get the jamming clear but I find it stupid that old prewar non golden age tech can basically jam ghosts.
9/28/2019 c8 MEleeSmasher
So what now? It's very clear now from these last 2 chapters by the time the Vanguard acts, the Hive would have used these sacrifices to bring Crota to Earth at this rate. Unless they can move quickly, the Hive will win.
9/27/2019 c1 ovrwrldkiler
Cool! Nice to see that we're back again. Can't wait to see more!
9/24/2019 c7 MEleeSmasher
Nice. Though I fear that by the time the Guardians take notice, less than half the people in the metro would remain.
8/2/2019 c6 The Snail
Well, I usually talk and write French, so sorry if my English is bad. And I don't know Metro (Well, I want to play it now... After Ark srory maps and Destiny).

But, since Guardians are dead brings back to live... What will be the reaction of the ghosts of the deads? Or they are just mobs? Well, I suppose that the reaction can be pretty bad. Or really god... Well, I'm curious.

6/30/2019 c6 ovrwrldkiler
Good read so far, looking forwards to more!
6/28/2019 c6 1tomahawkESP
Can’t wait for the next chapter!
6/24/2019 c1 1blueandie
I really enjoyed the way you laid out the points at the beginning of this chapter, each of them laying out what had happened and leading into “They had not meant to bring an entire city back, and on Earth, no less”. Great opening. Liked the use of “torn apart” in this description – “It appeared to be ruins of human structures, torn apart by what seemed to be human weaponry”. Oooo, that last line of the opening scene was good!

[Panicked voices shouted out in the cramped tunnel, echoing off into the distance. Hasty orders and warnings were thrown out into the air, as the men shouting them tried to establish some kind of order.] – Loved this part, sets the chaos and desperation of that scene and gave the sense of men who want to flee as much as find a way to stand their ground. Really well done. Liked this bit too – “Bizarre, humanoid figures that seemed to be made out of chitin and bone scrambled through the tunnels ahead of him”. The image of scrawny, bony creatures holding swords was great, especially with the follow-up that Mikhail first thought that it was a joke when he saw them…before it carved up some soldiers.

That last scene was an interesting switch in perspective and closed off the chapter very nicely. Great prologue, sets up the story well!
6/15/2019 c1 Guest
There is nothing in metro that is even worthy of twitching on the ground in front of the things guardians face so there is no reason that they would not be able to resist of fight the things in metro. As for the comment that mentioned Zavala, Cayde went of on his own to involve himself in a foreign power's affairs without consent from the city and got himself killed, not to mention that he had all available guardians dealing with all the escaped prisoners that the awoken has been keeping for some reason. As for Rasputin, as far as the city's experiences/knowledge the warmind abandoned humanity during the collapse and has actively stopped humanity from acquiring golden age tech to help recover and killed guardians sent to contact him with no reason given, he made the competent decisions.
6/15/2019 c6 OnePunchPlayer
"In fact, [ we ] wpuld have to do so, Artyom."

Now 'spiritual' forms and beings are quiet rare in Destiny, the closest to having 'phantom'-like beings that [ we ] have encountered in the Past of Destiny are the Hive (mainly the Ascendant Hive, Oryx and the rest).

As well with the Darkness and It's 'servants'. [ Shadowkeep ] can be that of an example that [ we ] will face such 'ghostly' figures commonly.

For the 'ghosts' in M2033, just be sure that Paracausal-infused Weapons and Armor are 'penetratable' against these 'ghosts', yes? For one thing, once they do make contact with [ our ] Weapons or Supers (as well with the Hive's part) then they would feel this kind of 'burning' sensation. Like 'vampires being affected by Sunlight' kind of sensation.

Did Keira just make a Weapon pun? ('icebreaker'). [ Chuckles ]

"Well Sly, you've been 'busy'..." [ Chuckles in humor until Guardian Sly informed [ us ] about another incoming Hive Swarm coming aright at them and that some of them are dealing with [ their ] / [ our ] Jumpships outside ] "Fudge. This isn't good. What about the time you got to call for some Guardian reinforcements?" [ frantically said ]

' [ Making his way behind the counter, Artyom shouted out to Umbra. "Get in here! There's a way out back!" He twisted the door handle, threw open the door-

-and promptly found himself facing a group of Hive Thralls. ] ' - Ahahaa!~ That's a nice ending to this chapter! [ Chuckles ] Now [ we ] can just fall back, then have a time to quickly 'sit back', and enjoy the 'show' as [ we ] let the Hive and those 'Watchmen' have at it at each other. [ Chuckles ]

Keep it up.
6/14/2019 c6 6MEleeSmasher
Wow, at this rate, Crota could get a foot hold with the interference, blowing up their ships and stranding the fireteam in a dark zone.

What's worse is that the Vanguard amount to fuck all in almost every fight our Guardian takes, especially in Forsaken, since he has time to go to Mars but can't be bothered to avenge Cayde. Its worse in the first iteration. By the time Zavala turns his head to the anomaly, Crota would have basically won and used his Hive magic spell to annihilate life on Earth.
6/8/2019 c5 OnePunchPlayer
Whoa. Ignorant Pre-Golden Age-ers I must say... [ patience growing thin at the Native M2033s... ]

Keep it up.
6/7/2019 c5 MEleeSmasher
So will they go back to the City first to Regroup or go contain the Hive first?

I love it though I hope the next chapter wont be as long...
5/25/2019 c4 alex9996
Great story so far, though I would make one point. The population of the Last City is MUCH larger then a few hundred thousand. It likely sits somewhere around a few hundred million what with a few centuries to recover from the Collapse and the Dark Age. One just needs to look at the City from the Tower to see this. Here is a headcanon I found rather informative as the author gave good reasons and math ( post/100859267584/im-going-to-try-to-figure-out-how-big-the-last).
5/23/2019 c4 OnePunchPlayer
Those 'Darkness doors and tunnels' are just rhere for gameplay 'reasons'.

But Oh my...No way even for them being Human can pass through that 'door' that is touched by the Darkness right now.
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