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5/9 c12 Bulbasaurous
Kinda wish there was a heads up about Gin in the harem. Not really something super common in fanfics or originally cannon. M/M stuff really isn't my thing.

Also, your characterization is mostly an inch deep, and a mile wide. You're not a bad writer at all, but your main weakness is fleshing out characters and putting meaning in the small things. The story kinda feels the the anime in that way. You handle actually story structure (transitions/sentence structuring/balance) really well.

This is where I get off the boat, but best of luck with your writing!
2/20 c14 Matt
To the pest(whoops mean guest) from January 4: Maybe it’s because none of what you said is true, and your just a jealous, petty nobody who should jump off a bridge.
1/8 c14 Draco
Enthralling! I do hope that you continue this story.
1/4 c1 guest
I'm puzzled how can this pale copy, close to plagiarism, have so many followers and favorites?

even the photo is lame, the author contented himself vulgarly with cutting out the image of Tsukune. it is so poorly done ... lmao
1/3 c1 Vampireking40
From what I can tell this story is taking place before 5th year. I would say Harry is being sent to prison for either the incident with the Dementors or Cedric death. The Toad and Fudge are behind this with a little encouragement from Lucius Malfoy to get rid of Harry Potter.
1/1 c14 5ShiroHollow96
Love the chapter! Was very amazing! Loved it! I do wonder is the Horcrux gone? Does Harry still have it? Will ruby join the harem?
12/31/2021 c14 Ariadne Venegas
More than bind the horcrux now that they know is there they need to expel it from Harry! Ruby knows a lot maybe she knows how to take it out? With more time and plan?
12/31/2021 c14 James Birdsong
Awesome fourteen chapters
12/31/2021 c14 KongoBongo
looking forward to more
12/31/2021 c14 4Monster King
12/28/2021 c12 Puck627
I LOVE THIS STORY A WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE LOT! Please update soon. I hope to see more bonding time Harry has with Moka, Gin, Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari. I cann't wait to see when Harry meets Ruby. Please update very soon please and keep up the great work!
10/10/2021 c3 Guest
Ya so I like the premises of why Harry is at yokai.
And if this seems like there's another review like this. My reviews won't post and sometimes go through later.
But here's a few things I have a issue with.

1 it's based of the crap anime u should read the manga.
Just some knowledge Saizo is a monstrel (mut mixed breed)
Not a anime goes through 4 of 24 vol. Season 2 is filler.
The order of events.
Meets moka
Art teach
Slug monster
Math teacher
Ruby (whole vol of stuff for her intro)
Mizore (several ch. For her intro)
Tsukune loses his mind and becomes a repeated injections of mokas blood.
After that the anime is lost

The fan club the stupid bug girls. So much in season 1 is filler as well.

My second beef is that ur just having Harry follow tsukunes story.
It's literally the thing most everyone does in this story. All Naruto stories do this.
Hate to say but that's rather lazy.

U have potential. This should be a.u.
Create a new path for Harry to follow.

Good luck
10/10/2021 c2 Guest
The premise of why harries at yokai is interesting enouph.
But I think this could be alot better. I'll read a bit more.
But two things one u should read the rosario manga. I can tell by the fact u called Saizo a orc that it's based on the anime.
He's a monstrel (a mut a monster of mixed race.)
It's far less fanservicuy the characters are much better and moka is not stuck up.

The anime only goes oh I'd say about 4 volumes. And only pieces of them the order of events is changed. And there is 24 vol. Total. Recommend.

The second thing is ur just repeating tsukunes story with Harry.

Just saying but that doesn't take much efrt. It's rather lazy.
I'd be more invested if this was a.u.
9/24/2021 c12 Matt
You alive dude? You haven’t updated in a year or so, hope you update soon love this story and hope Harry gets more guys in his harem.
8/16/2021 c12 Kid Coheed
So Harry is going to go through some Rituals right? That's the only way I see him surviving Yokai Gakuden as well as Voldemort and everything attached to both while keeping the title "Wizard" and a Vampire.
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