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10/8 c15 8TinkStar87
Wonderful, but i so didn't want this amazing story to end. LOL! Hope you do another soon. Read ya Later ;)
9/21 c15 MarchesaLace
crying happy tears 3
8/14 c14 Guest
I wonder if it would be better if she had told him via a letter and he just never got it?

Has he truly forgiven her? I feel most times he has then kinda jabs her but he did say he forgives her in this chapter so maybe it CAN be a new leaf.

Freud had a couple good ideas but beyond that he was a whacko
8/14 c14 Guest
It's so hard to wrap my head around her not telling him about Serenity still!

I know...why I just ugh and she could have contacted him after college too. Casey's the kind to never stop trying with her dad after he broke her heart over and over so her just giving up on Derek/their relationship and what raising her without a dad would do is hard for me to believe. It's tough because if she had said it and he then didn't want any part that's one thing but then that wouldn't be Derek and just ruin their relationship and his character.

The chapter - very happy he told her and she agreed to give them a try. They can't ever move on if they don't. Worst scenario they can't compromise but I doubt that will happen.
7/29 c14 TinkStar87
LOL, this was a fantastic! Awesome chapter and worth the wait. Read ya Later ;)
7/28 c14 duckgillpeanut
Of all the awesomely written chapters of this fic, this one has been my favorite. I actually shed a tear at the Derek telling Casey "I love you" and it all flowed to the event so perfectly! Thank you for putting this out; I cannot wait for the next chapter to happen to tie the rest together if its the last.
7/26 c14 Guest
Finally the talk!aw only one more chapter?

Serenity will be so happy!

I hope you write more D/C stories I really enjoyed it though I hate the didn’t tell they have a child plot on any of my fav couples
7/26 c14 xaviorismy1andonly3512
I love this story does it really have to end
7/26 c14 Madaboutyoubaby
Yes! I was half convinced Derek would chicken out and not tell her how he felt about their relationship, so happy he didn't. I love that he didn't let her fear win. Great chapter, thanks for updating.
7/26 c14 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more.
3/29 c13 MarchesaLace
This story is so good! I can't wait until the next chapter. Are they close to figuring it out together?
3/12 c13 YaleAceBella12
Please write more.
3/12 c13 Cara Q
I don't usually read older Dasey, I relate to them in highschool or college, proberly because I'm going to be a senior ths coming September and get to start looking at colleges next year. But I started reading this and couldn't stop, I love Marti playing matchmaker and Derek's fear of rushing in too soon. Serenity is adorable, I'm hoping Dasey's parents take her for a weekend so Dasey have no buffer, maybe one of them will finally break.
Love, Love, Love.
3/11 c13 MilesAndMilesToGo
Ha, I love that Marti's pushing Derek to tell Casey how he feels. Your last line was a shocker, is it true? Or did Marti tell her to say it, Ugh, I know you just posted but can't wait for your next update.
3/11 c13 Madaboutyoubaby
Teenage Marti schooling Derek on how to woo Casey is adorable. She's right, he needs to step it up already. I love how sweet he's being pitching in to help with chores and Serenity while Casey's busy at her new office, thoughtful Derek is sexy. He needs to let his inner romantic out and do something to make Casey (and me) swoon. Great chapter, thanks for updating.
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