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for Song to the Moon

7/13 c1 10Dragon of Winter
Now this is fun! I can't wait to see what you do with this!
7/13 c1 candlemouse
hi I'm Brooke OMG CECILIA RECOMMENDED THIS TO ME AND ITS AMAZING. honestly can't remember how to use this website so I can log in but I’m candlemouse on everything aND THIS STORY IS AMAZING SUCH AN AMAZING PREMISE ESPECIALLY BECAUS anyway have a nice day 333333
6/8 c1 3Alyssa Belle
love this! can't wait to see what's next!
6/3 c1 Katie
This was awesome! Spooky I love it! I’m hooked! You did such a good job!
6/3 c1 20Yakall
Dude this was so interesting! I seriously love it!
5/23/2019 c2 5books-and-starss
Good chapter! I'm happy to see Kendra! She's my favorite! I also really like Raniye so far! Is Seth going to be in the story? I'M SO EXCITED to see where this goes!

(If I'm remembering correctly from last time, this review system deletes my extra punctuation marks. Don't let that fool you; there are a lot more than you can see. )
5/23/2019 c2 2FairyGirl22
Haha sorry Hestone. I dog ear pages. I’m really liking where the story is going! I’m excited for the next part.
5/17/2019 c1 Jesussavedevenme
Well that was unexpected! I love it! I can’t wait to see where you take this! You are an amazing writer!
5/16/2019 c1 5books-and-starss

Why didn't you tell me you uploaded this? I didn't know you were going to do that! I would've read it yesterday! I didn't realize you'd started writing it yet!

It looks so good so far! It's very exciting! I really like this prologue! It's a good hook, and I can tell the rest of the story is going to be good!
5/16/2019 c1 2FairyGirl22
Yes. I can see this going to many dark places, and I’m excited. The idea of the Great Fairies taking revenge is brilliant. I am so excited.
5/16/2019 c1 17Melissa Waters
Ok... yes? More?

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