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9/12/2020 c5 1Taryth
Im just writing this just to point out a few things i find a bit off with laura. I understand this is your story and you can make choices where ever you want. First is probably her claw usage. Those claws are super lethal, and can pretty much cut anything, which makes it very hard to use in a MHA world where killing isnt the best idea. Bringing them out vs her own classmates is just an unnecessary risk. At least in the comics, shes been trained as a professional assassin, and can probably beat Eraserhead in strictly hand to hand. She is also proficient in many weapons from swords to guns. Also like logan, she has increased senses in sight, smell, and hearing, if jiro could hear their plan, laura could hear jiro talking as well. Also, only her claws are adamantium, which reduces her weight compared to logans, and makes her faster, not the other way around.

Happy writing,
8/5/2020 c5 Cylon One
Happy to see this new update after a while.
Really like how Laura's plan helped her and Momo win the trial.
It was cool.
Now it looks like we'll be seeing her in action against the villains that'll attack the USJ if my assumption is correct.
8/2/2020 c5 Ironchef13
Hey better late then never I say
I was afraid this was gonna be one of those forever unfinished stories
Keep up the good work
8/1/2020 c5 MustacheNinja737
Thanks for the chapter~~
8/1/2020 c5 6XWorrior1113
Interesting to see Laura's dynamics with the other students. That plan was pretty clever. Also, can't wait to see lore of this Samaritan
7/24/2020 c4 Ironchef13
I just discovered this fanfic and I love it when’s the next chapter?
6/9/2020 c4 Alphadelta-23
I love it... please continue it, is this abandoned... I want to see her fight with the nomu... goddamnit... there are very few stories as intresting as this.. I wanted more... so please continue...
1/7/2020 c1 NoName
Por favor no manipules asi las ultimas palabras de logan,el nunca le dijo que fuera una heroina si vas a darle una razon para que lo haga que sea por propia voluntad o por ayudar a los que quieres pero no asi.
Please do not manipulate the last words of Logan, he never told her to be a hero if you are going to give her a reason to do it by her own will or to help those you love but not so.
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11/7/2019 c4 17Xireana Prime
lol love it!
10/23/2019 c4 Dracus6
Laura x Shouto Torodoki is it then
10/15/2019 c4 Cylon One
Again, a great chapter.
Keep up good work.
10/15/2019 c1 6XWorrior1113
Not the pace I expected from the story. But it makes sense in the long run for her to know about one for all. Makes her more involved with the story. Cant wait to see more
10/15/2019 c4 Guest DCDGojira
To author
Awesome chapter!
9/24/2019 c3 XWorrior1113
Great job getting rid of Mineta, Laura will definitely be a better hero than him. Great chapter, keep up the good work. PLUS ULTRA
9/23/2019 c3 Cylon One
Finding it awesome to see Laura's story in MHA is still going.
Was a little fearful it wasn't.
Consider me relieved.
Also, I'm glad to see Mineta out of the class picture.
Agree, so annoying.
Nice work.
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