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5/5 c15 Jokesrule
please keep writing this story I rather like it.
5/1 c15 Shelby
This story is so lovely! I just can't get enough
4/25 c15 tammgrogan
This is truly a Beautiful story. Thank you so very much for sharing it with all of us?
4/6 c1 Karla Berdeja G
Actualiza porfavor
4/7 c15 27tlyxor1
Enjoyed, thanks for writing. Looking forward to more. -t.
4/3 c15 nunes
Parabéns por postar mais um capítulo realmente gosto quando atualiza suas histórias porque cada uma é melhor que a outra Muita inspiração Deus abençoe
3/13 c15 Guest
Awwww...really sweet chapter. Loved it!
3/12 c15 19Sorceress of Magic
Such a good story! Can’t wait for more :)
3/3 c8 6starlite22
Harry should be as angry with Ginny as he is with Richard as Ginny didn’t want Teddy either. He doesn’t appreciate Hermione enough at how accepting Hermione is, she just takes it for granted, he doesn’t even thank her.
3/3 c5 starlite22
I think Harry needs to tell Hermione and the rest of the Weasleys how horrid Ginny was about Teddy, that was grounds enough for him to dump her and want nothing to do with her.
3/3 c3 starlite22
This chapter and Harry not caring about her doesn’t got together the new added chapter one, there should be some flicker from him at least.
Luna had a right hissing fit about not being Ginnys bridesmaid, doesn’t apologise to Hermione for her Mir being at her first wedding or invite her to her a bridesmaid at her second one.
2/27 c15 amk41196
Such a cute fic... Can't wait for the next update.. Stay safe and tc
2/21 c9 Mvelez91
Ten points to Gryffindor
2/17 c15 Adonisx
YAY I'm all caught up! I love the updates!
2/16 c11 Adonisx
Love the edits in this chapter! Their plan is so much more developed now!
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