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for Restraint

10/1 c6 1Holly-Rose Fowl-Casson
So lovely. Thank you for updating! It's always a welcome surprise. I really enjoy the (for lack of a better word) pragmatism with which you approach the romance in this particular story. I do admit that I find myself in a not-dissimilar situation, and it does help to ask the questions that Numair asks of Daine.

Many thanks and much anticipation _
9/19 c6 1Even Later
I do so love it when you go on writing binges... How has the pandemic been treating you, btw? I’m immunocompromised so I’ve been quarantined for like a decade and am incredibly bored! I need to go catch up on your newest story that’s been filling up my inbox. It’s been forever since we’ve caught up, shoot me a message sometime if you get a chance, I’d love to hear how things have been going for you! Did I ever mention I ended up marrying a man 17 years older than me? So I am relating to Daine HARD here, having flashbacks of when we first started dating, haha.
5/22 c5 1Holly-Rose Fowl-Casson
So lovely. Thank you for updating!
5/20 c5 1TPfreak
Ooh I love that sentence "The night passed slowly and was over all too soon." And I hope we get to see midsummer and Daine somehow manages to get Numair in some water hahaha.

Still loving these stories! I was doubly pleased to have two chapters to read today so thank you XD
5/3 c3 5MortalLover
please continue!
5/3 c3 4LizzySwan1022
This is really good! Hoping to see more soon :)
2/16 c1 floatingdhr
Was smiling as I read this
6/21/2019 c2 1Enigmaticat
Oh yay, 2 updates in the same day! Love your stories, I think I've binged all of them and am more left to await whatever tidbits you feed me in updates lol

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