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2/7 c2 Mr-Luca-Wolf
I can’t help bit laughing at the stupidity of this conversation
1/30 c38 AllahDeluxe
still waiting
1/27 c21 esavasljkefnd
this is just bad writing lol
1/27 c16 esavasljkefnd
not the british
1/27 c9 esavasljkefnd
i hate zesshi
1/27 c6 esavasljkefnd
this is to much careless for ainz i hope she will die soon
1/26 c2 esavasljkefnd
dude this was so funny
1/6 c11 JumpingToaster
Well that was hilarious.
12/24/2023 c38 AllahDeluxe
basically yearly updates lets gooooo (unless the story won't get updated this year...)
12/20/2023 c38 6OverWarlord
Great chapter, keep it up!
11/16/2023 c38 distinctivelegion
I don't know what's up with all these negative reviews... But I found this fic to be pretty damn great. I'm impressed and I really want more chapters
11/8/2023 c12 Guest
Chapter 12 has the most dogshit ending I've ever seen it seems comedic until you read it then you notice it's just trash and went way beyond the scope of good story telling. In order to have that event take place like that you would need to be making a surrealist comedy so you have the option to say while it happened it doesn't effect the story. What you now have is the single largest plot hole I've seen in my life with no ability to fill it. That entire interaction between albedo and lupus was a joke and a shitty one what would have actually happened is ainz would have shit her down the moment she went to swing and probably would've given her the nigredo treatment as assaulting a member of nazerick over nothing but pure jealousy is one of the highest crimes petty verbal spats are allowed but physical violence isn't. I like the story it was good but writing like that took this story from lotr to twilight. You might aswell not even put any effort into the story if you were just gonna do that whats the point of their personalities if they get sidelined because you have some retarded ass hairbrained idea that makes no sense to the characters do better next time and re write this chapter so it isn't trash.
10/23/2023 c10 thedankestyeet
imagine being an archbishop and your last memory in death is how the floor tastes
10/3/2023 c1 Mangaworm256
Ahhh good ole Demiurge. The hardest working um frog demon? Who’s always doing…uh something? sorry I just love the inmates running the asylum vibe him and Ains always seem to have
9/17/2023 c6 1Atlas8
Zesshi felt overpowered in this fight. Though I haven't read the LNs so I don't know for sure of her power level, I always assumed she would be closer to Level 80 or something.

So, either she was nerfed here or the information I have on her might be from fan fiction rather than canon.
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