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6/9 c18 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
You really are cruel. This completely ruined your story for me. Fuck man.
6/8 c2 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
Oh my God, this is so golden. It's fucking awesome. How do you even come up with this comedy
6/4 c12 shreesha123456789
I really don't think Aniz would watch as lupus would get killed tbh
6/4 c2 10Icura
I am laughing so hard.
6/2 c29 A Rose's Name
so, I just wanted to say that while I personally was disappointed in where this story went, It's a masterpiece so far. You've done amazingly to capture the characters, and the emotions were so present and intense that I couldn't help but respond to them with equal feeling. I don't normally leave reviews, but you're story was genuinely good enough to motivate me to congratulate you on a job amazingly done.
6/3 c29 noble6117
I don't know if this is the last chapter, but I really love this story, it is...new to me, and it has caused me to feel things that are sad and disappointed. You captured the characters perfectly, but I do hope you update it, I really enjoyed this story.
5/26 c1 magogabigol
good history
5/22 c2 Guest
“This has been the worst transformations, in the history of transformations, maybe ever” I absolutely love you dude
5/10 c29 Guest
So I just binged the second half of the story

Got to admit I liked Jade (the OC) which is surprising since I don’t like most ‘Mary sue-ish’ OCs but she worked pretty well. All of her qualities from her unique game status/experience, socially awkward nature, high IQ, and the stress of both her and Ainz worked together well to make her interactions with Ainz feel likable and believable. She also did not come off as overbearing in any particular category so she felt more realistic despite her being ‘Mary sue-ish’. Overall I actually liked her...

...And you immediately kill her off :(

Hopefully we get a way to bring Jade back so we get our girl back and for the consequences that come with it. Zesshi is trying to earn Ainz’s favor so if she, as the new leader of the Slane Theocracy, has access to a World Item that revives then everyone wins.

Despite the sudden turn and death of Jade this story is still a good one to read. It takes Ainz’s status and emotions seriously with serious consequences rather than laughing it off for additional fact that this follows a line of events that could actually happen in canon (Fun Fact: Albedo actually has a hit squad for other players and FELLOW GUILD MEMBERS for the emotional threat the present to Ainz) and the look at the broken nature of Nazarick is something that adds to the story.

I do like Ainz going lone wolf and leaving so he may grow and repent. (ironic seeing as Jade was a lone wolf and regretted it in her diary)

The recent OC stories come off a little less interesting but still fun to read with lone wolf Ainz.

Liking King Sebas as well. Looking forward to Queen Tuare up next.

A good story so far, keep up the good work!
5/10 c29 Guest
So just binged the second half of the story...

I did like Jade (the OC) which is surprising since I usually don't like OC mary sue-ish characters. Her interactions with Ainz made sense considering her irregular gaming status (lone wolf, kinda casual), high IQ, younger age, and stress levels of both players. Overall she was actually likeable and felt fairly realistic...
...and you immediately murdered her.

In the short time I got to see Jade I actually got to like her a bit and then Albedo pulled a yandere and everything got real depressing. Not that the story is bad I still do like the story since it provides quite a bit of exploration over events that could easily become canon (considering Albedo talked about having her own hit squad for players and even guild members in canon...) and takes said ramifications fairly seriously.

I'm praying that Jade comes back somehow (hopefully Zesshi/Slane Theocracy has some World Item with a revive on it that could be traded to gain Ainz's favor and revive Jade?) and we get that drama to deal with.

Ainz going lone wolf is cool (and ironic since Jade was a lone wolf too) though a little less interesting with more OCs. Interested to see where it goes.

Sebas taking over is something I love and am hoping to see more of (kinda want a short where Tuare gets treated like a queen without her understanding why).

Liking the story, keep up the good work!
5/4 c29 Poharan
where is the best girl lupus back?
4/20 c29 1Horderlock
While I admittedly don't care much for the Celestials and the ever darkness growing in that Holy Soldier, the rest of the fic really is surprisingly good to me. I had stopped reading it before shortly after Jade was introduced due to losing interest, but I now see what a mistake it was. First of all, the brawl between Cocytus and Ainz is my favorite scene hands-down, but to think you actually killed off Jade and set the story in the path it is now? Ainz almost killing the Guardians, his departure from Nazarick, Sebas being crowned new King. I love the way things are going, and my only criticisms are that we didn't get much more of Neia's POV after Ainz's departure. I do say I am excited to see how things will further develop, and I hope Sebas grows more into a king's persona, maybe even getting the befitting robes from it? Hehe.
4/17 c29 Cheese Piece
[spoiler warning for new readers sifting through reviews]

First of all, I just binged your entire fic, and it was a damn wild ride. Initially, it came off as a bit of the generic anime comedy of "haha sexual situations" and that was fine. The whole fight against Cocytus was pretty damn rad too. But then you killed Jade, in a seriously messed up way, and holy crap that was good.

It propelled the story into the top tier range in my mind, because you had the balls to actually do something original and genuinely interesting. What that scene/sequence does is that, at least for me, it brought up the completely insane and unhealthy nature of the Floor Guardians. Like, as people they are so screwed up, they're aligned to be EVIL and in the source material, Ainz and the others do some seriously messed up things. Turning Ainz human, and then doing that damn gut punch of a character killing was so genius. Cus instead of some no-name asshats or faceless hordes of knights, you brutally murdered a character that was so damn important to Suzuki as a remnant of Earth.

Doing that, you went so far into the concept of giving Ainz his humanity, back into ol' Suzuki. Like, other authors would've just left it as "haha he now has penis and will have copious sex with everyone, because he is so amazing and cool" when you actually went into the whole mental trauma of Suzuki realising all the crap that he's done without the Emotion Suppressor from his Race.

I'm just so damn glad that you took the leap into this kinda drama for the story, and I love how you dealt with the aftermath of the whole situation. You actually gave all the characters growth, when you easily could've fallen into the trap of bashing Albedo's obsessiveness and instead made them all try in their own ways to deal with the ramifications of forcing their 'Ainz-Sama' to leave.

It's definitely going to be challenging trying to write a resolution to this sorta arc, or leading into a new 'threat' since Suzuki is essentially an 'active' Player again, wandering around and dealing with what I assume to be major threats against humanity to atone. But, I think you can do it! You did so well, I think you can really keep it up! Great bloody fic dude!
4/16 c29 Marco377
OK I was surprised that there was no "sorry for the long wait" or something in the beginning or end and I am kinda interested what is going to happen and so on but I kinda hoped/wanted the story would have gone in a different direction like after her death instead of going in exile he could tryed to stay in Nazarik and the different things that could happen like you did with sebas and beta he could have talked with the guardians to get why they did it each one probably had their own reason and how it effected each one of them that he suffered because they killed her like cocytus he would have probably forgiven him maybe aura and mare too because they are children and maybe you could have done something with albedo and shalltear how they or all of them were affected by his rage for "betraying" him but these are just my personal opinions but I am also interested what your plan is because I read a lot of fanfic and I never saw someone go in the direction you are going so I am curious but like I told earlier I would have like some other choices but If It went that way the stoy would have gone in a different direction so I hope you can keep on updating and hopefully more frequently
4/16 c29 2ZelgiusN
When best girl coming back.
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