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7/1 c10 1Pixelitus
I get it. Ainz sent those demons so that the Sorcerer Kingdom’s reputation would be raised since it was their weapons that saved the day, and many lives due to that. Sasuga Ainz-Sama- no. Nope. I just can say “Sasuga” to a heartless(?) mass murderer.
6/27 c28 Guest
I know this is pretty late but Ainz killed the people with black hole then summond undead with that being a fact that means those undead will be permanent
6/28 c36 Jack1nTheBox
*confused blinking*

another overlord fic that turned to eldritch horror, what a surprise... oh well, this one seems less abstract than a lot of other ones so that's nice i guess.

i feel hope everything turns out alright though, lupus needs a hug after all.
6/28 c29 Jack1nTheBox
... i mean, i don't know what to think about this. Ainz isn't supposed to be a good guy. Though his motivations make some sense, it still bums me out a little. not as much as not taking my favorite wolf girl(probably) with him, but it still bums me out a little. hold strong Lupus!
6/21 c3 Guest
Hey man I was checking out a re zero story and I'm 100 percent positive he is plagerizing your story. Specifically parts in chapter 3 and chapter 15 and maybe more. The story is a re zero overlord crossover called Subaru Has Help written by BigSmokeYeet. I know he is plagerizing because he copies sentences out of your story word for word and will change Ainz's name with Subaru's. He'll even make it obvious and mess up and leave a part where a character will call Subaru Ainz because it's literally copy pasted from your story. Read chapters four and five of his story and you'll see him blatantly steal from you and where he forgot to change words around to fit his story.

This seems to be in character for this guy because most if not all of his other stories are just him trolling and doing weird shit. He doesn't actually put any effort into writing anything serious and when he decided to write a serious story he just steals other people's work.

I'm not sure what to do about it but I hope you or someone else can do something about it. I'm not sure if reporting is a thing but maybe you can look into it. I'm just letting you know that he is definitely stealing from you.
6/10 c36 9Nancho The Supreme
I'm going to make some predictions about where I believe this story is going.

1). The kids Suzuki rescued are going to be brought to Nazarick. This fulfills the bug-warriors dream off holding little tykes upon his powerful arms.

2). Suzuki is returning your Nazarick to prepare for war.

3). The personality of Ainz Oal Gown is well and truly dead going forward. The knowledge that there are many things far more powerful than him has certainly humbled him even further than the betrayal of his wishes by Nazarick.

4). It's going to be over a month before the next update. :Despair emoji gif:

I really like what you did here and how you yanked Sazuki's humanity [and by extension sanity] back from the edge in this story. I can not stress how much I am looking forward to him getting into contact with Nazarick again after so much has changed.
6/8 c36 akimou
The entity Sebas fought is the entropy? Have a feeling he may really die, hope he gets revived later. The entropy should taste Ainz's full wrath as Solis' Champion.
Minor spelling should full well instead of fell well in the 2nd last sentence by Tsuare's comment.
Looking forward to the next chapter!
5/30 c19 vernacularthecynic
also i agree with TheRightPrince with literally everything he says expect the Jade part. I think the relationship between Suzu and Jade would be deep and shit cuz they are quite literally the only people that understand each other. After being in a world where you can't be understood n shit, it can make you really fucking desperate for something or someone that can understand you, and actually help you and not treat you like some miracle worker or insane donny
5/30 c18 vernacularthecynic
this chapter fucking destroyed me, and thats saying something cuz I read fanfics about shit like Spec Ops: The Line (basically a delta operator that can't accept the fact that he became what he hates and goes insane, causing the deaths of his teammates, the people hes trying to save which are innocent civilians, and the deaths of people he called brothers-in-arms. All the while becoming a violent schizophrenic and developing an already dangerous hero complex which caused the deaths of the already mentioned people).
5/25 c36 1TheGreatBubbaJ
First time the denizens of Nazarick have been in danger.
5/25 c36 Uday Sra
5/25 c36 noble6117
5/24 c36 Brawny-D1NO
Just finished reading this and all I can say is that this is beautiful... Seriously the emotional turmoil... The realization.. The weight of his sins... Jade's death (ugly-cried so hard when I read that partEverything was placed and executed just right... I know some might not like the idea... But think about it.. Before the events of Overlord.. Ainz was supposed to be dependenable sweetheart that held the guild together.. The one whom takes time to talk and interact with all its members.. It's obvious that Ainz (Suzuki) is a good person in real life.. So it's honestly understandable that he'd feel guilty.. Especially after Jade's death.. (Still hurts.. I understand why ya did it but it still hurts my soul).. Honestly in my opinion only.. I think this one of the best fics I've had the honor of reading.. It goes to show how invaluable emotions are in our lives and that they shouldn't be taken lightly.. I applaud you for making this and I hope you keep up the good work!
5/24 c36 Nechroz
Oooooooooooooooooooh. SHIT
5/24 c36 ikusatsunagi
Dexter I loved that serie, I watched when I was a child
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