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3/2/2022 c26 realfan16
*smirk* King Sebas? i like that
3/2/2022 c22 realfan16
ah such frenzied rage fuelled slaughter. how sad. quite the nerves of steel you got there author-san
3/2/2022 c18 realfan16
Daaaannng! *hats off* didn't see that coming. i like how you spared no details in an attempt to "censor"(censorship of any kind is thoroughly annoying) and if by some miracle our best girl lives. just know i saw it coming Damn i hope justice will prevail. Doesn't happen out here in rl but should at least happen in a fic...right?
3/2/2022 c21 realfan16
Haaaa music to my ears. i pity the people of... Roble was it? Such a disaster looms upon them
3/2/2022 c20 realfan16
*smirk of pure evil that promises retributionHail Justice
2/24/2022 c2 realfan16
Hilarious, that moment when you dig your own grave and plant flowers around while you're at it.
2/13/2022 c34 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Good that they got that little snapshot to see he is doing alright.
2/10/2022 c34 8Bosmi
Hey you know, when I've been checking the past chapters, and Jade clearly said that she can't be revived using ussualy healing spells because of her class. But since Ains invented a new spell in this fanfic can't he work out a new spell that could work together with wish upon a star? Or maybe create or I don't know, search for a new world item that would allow for resurrection?
2/10/2022 c34 Kalstorm99
nice chapter.
2/10/2022 c34 Yes
Thanks for writing this, it’s one of my favorite stories
2/10/2022 c34 Nechroz
Lupu is hearing some competence brewing in this kingdom, interesting. Loved the chapter !
2/10/2022 c34 placid-void
Classic Lupu! Never pass up an opportunity to make a joke at a serious time.
2/10/2022 c34 noble6117
2/10/2022 c34 Idepths
Finally! Welcome back!

Lupu vs Lakyus? I very much like it!
2/10/2022 c34 Lioth
Oh.., well if there are any Ainz Ool Gown players in 'The New World' they'll now know for certain their old guild master is there XD
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