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2/8/2022 c11 noctiskey
Este satoru me esta cayendo mal, se esta volviendo loco y muy inestable emocionalmente
1/27/2022 c33 TheOneBehindTheVeil
Great chapter, but assuming that its been a while since last update im guessing the story is dead?...
1/26/2022 c33 Wolfecus
Wish we could have more of this. Truly hope for more soon
1/23/2022 c33 rmdavidson18
The next chapter you end up posting bout to be the newest most overdue chapter xD

I’m dying for more please!
1/17/2022 c3 Seig
The pov was Great thanks for the effort
12/31/2021 c33 Goblin Chad
As the universe expands, so does the harem ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡).
11/29/2021 c33 Guest
love your story but out of everyone to take Ainz leaving hard, i think Pandoras Actor would be hit the hardest. would love to see more of him.
11/23/2021 c18 vjnbkmlf
Good riddance
11/14/2021 c21 HLBRS-H
My eyes...
11/11/2021 c28 1ISleep
It still aches my heart alot the shes dead and not coming back, despite it being brief. Not sure what happened to creepy eyes either, since he left Naza.

Still, this story went from hilarious to therapy to absolutely depressing
11/11/2021 c18 ISleep
... Fuck
11/11/2021 c16 ISleep
Now your just breaking the fourth wall xD
11/11/2021 c11 ISleep
Well, if it helps him sleep, it helps him sleep. Was hoping the "Explicit Content" wouldn't be so... lonely.
11/11/2021 c2 ISleep
You couldve just said the truth; Its has the effect of elicting emotion, so that I may better yet understand others, but it seems as a side effect it turned me... Human.

From there you could've easily just had them look into the spell and how to fix the issue, but no, you has to lie out your ass for literally no reason. Come On Momonga..
11/1/2021 c33 Hunger Man
Jesus Christ, it never ends. I hope the next chapter gets back to the main plot...
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