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9/11/2023 c12 Guest
Ainz is a bitch in this book doesnt make any sense to his character its a fun story characters are pretty bad.
8/23/2023 c38 Kirito Tatsumi
7/21/2023 c38 Nechroz
Welp, the bone daddy is here
6/27/2023 c38 Guest
Has it really been nearly a year since the last update? Holy cow, I'm beginning to think the story is dead. I really hope that isn't the case because I really like this story. It's like the only long form story where Ainz is a human, let alone has actual agency over what happens around him.
6/27/2023 c18 55555gosha
uroboros ?
4/2/2023 c28 Stormzy
Personally I think this work has gone in a shit direction. Great writing but the plot creativity has kind of gone out the window. I could've seen myself enjoying the plot line if you hadn't made it so angsty and forced.
4/2/2023 c14 Stormzy
Ahhh seriously man? Random overpowered OC who is seemingly way stronger than Ainz? Enjoyed it so far but might have to give it a drop soon.
4/2/2023 c11 Stormzy
I kind of get where Ainz is coming from with his whole identity crisis. However his real life persona was either really weak willed or your just exaggerating his breakdown. Seems like way too much of an overreaction for him but I guess his seeming lack of intelligence in the work plays a part.
4/2/2023 c2 Stormzy
Loving this so far but due to the last scene of this chapter I'm a little worried you have Ainz as a weak human. Not himself and all his powers within the form of a human.
3/7/2023 c25 1GadinProject
I started re-reading the story again, I actually go back a lot to chapter 21. Yes, it was that good! I hope you update soon.
1/23/2023 c18 Baron Beam
1/6/2023 c38 Enderborn8
Is jade gone for good? Her death was super sad
1/5/2023 c1 redmen6blight
So how dead is he because as a human he would be beyond weak compared to them as well deader then dead. Seriously in Overlord there is not a single one of the creations that would not murder their creator if they found out they were human
12/5/2022 c38 gaygayhomosexual
Good story, awesome storytelling. Praise the sun
12/5/2022 c4 25vtorx
um Raven armor isn't perfect warrior I think you got it wrong and also perfect warrior would be as strong as Cocytus, as it could tag Shalltear
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