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11/27/2022 c25 duonpaul
This is just pure copium
11/25/2022 c38 1Darkdoom III
Aww. These gosh darn cliffhangers man. I wanted to see him fight that „thing“. I hope you update soon
11/24/2022 c38 Youknowkakarot
Man I missed this story that little moment between lupus and ainz was just beautiful
11/23/2022 c12 1GadinProject
Okay this is hands down my favorite chapter. So far-
11/21/2022 c38 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Huzzah the lad finally returns, and as always thank you for the recaps at the start.
11/18/2022 c38 moose3333
Hope that chick ends up getting revived with his new holy magic equivalent. Poor girl got done in by the NPCs, even if it’s at the end with no impact on the story I kinda hope she gets brought back
11/18/2022 c38 7Faithless wanderer
Awesome, I had almost forgotten about this story but it quickly came back to me and it was awesome
11/18/2022 c38 Guest
Aww, poor Lakyus, she wasn't able to see her hero.
11/18/2022 c38 codywhite162
Loved the chapter and I am happy it was updated again! Excited to read what comes next!
11/18/2022 c38 Le Phoque Blanc
again with cliffhangers...such hatred for us leaving it at this. good chapter overall even if I'm a bit scared of the finality of the finality of this fanfic. or it's just me being paranoid over good fanfic turning "bad" idk. Still excited for the next chapter tho
11/11/2022 c1 1GadinProject
As for the AN/ notes question, if the answer is no, it would have been a very short story. Great job, enjoying it so far.
11/9/2022 c15 Anon
That’s one thing about the denizens Nazarick. I’ve always counted Sebas as, technically, the most loyal.

Ainz’s words are never absolute or correct when they align with his karma ratings or personal beliefs/ideals/ideologies, they are absolute period, he showed that when he accepted killing Tuare.

Every other guardian/denizen seems to go out of their way to rationalize what Ainz does to fit their own personal belief/view rather than actually trusting that Ainz knows better.
11/3/2022 c37 Erikhullum
I'm loving the story keep it up my friend
10/20/2022 c21 Mystery
It actually makes sense for Ainz to lose his cool the way he did. He not only finds and confirms that, yes, other players are/can be in this world. But he also manages to find one who’s non hostile and friendly. And then the Guardians took that away. No matter how much I loved someone, I’d be mad too.
10/18/2022 c37 1JohnnyWins
Thought this story was dead, pleasantly surprised it is not
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