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for The Mannis with a Plannis

5/16 c14 16lakH2O SA
As silly as it was this fic was a fun read... so sad to see it abandoned and dead
11/23/2023 c14 Guest
Weird fic. You base a sizable part of it on obscure fanons. Bloodraven wanting to be an eternal king and being Euron's mentor? Where did you even get that?
11/14/2023 c10 Ningen life
Bloodraven wasn't even born during the Dance of the Dragons yet. You're talking about the Blackfyre Rebellions
11/14/2023 c2 Ningen life
Eh, Westerosi in general looked down on poisons a lot. Stannis wouldn't be getting a good rep for using one. They might call him dishonorable at best.
10/21/2023 c14 juanperez299992
good SI
8/6/2023 c14 Guest
amazing story
4/20/2023 c4 kageknuser2710
I really liked the interaction with Aurane!
4/20/2023 c2 kageknuser2710
I love this! This was such a good showing from Stannis!
3/29/2023 c14 3Kahlan C
Me encanta tu historia. Siempre es bueno que Stannis sea más reconocido y obtenga lo que merece.

Que Robbert lo envidie y tenga celos es divertidísimo, aunque me entristeció que la relación con Renly se rompiera. Es decir, todo lo que escribiste parecía apuntar a que Stannis se preocupa por él; así que esperaba que por lo menos se despidiera e intentara mantenerse en contacto.

Toda su aventura fuera de Poniente ha sido genial, muestras lo que ha aprendido y la experiencia que ha ganado. Confieso que su relación con Melissandre me da repelús. Y sus labios azules no me gustan para nada. Aparte de que al verlos le daría a Stannis un aire de enfermo, la idea de que se haya vuelto un adicto choca con la idea tan disciplinada de su caracter.

En fin, gracias por la historia, espero que algún día encuentres tiempo e inspiración para continuar.
2/8/2023 c4 Guest
I'm guessing ur the same author who made that Eddard Baratheon fic
12/19/2022 c14 jack gofyourself
cannons are the only gunpowder weapons that should ever be added, if you add muskets then half this story wouldve been useless, with muskets you dont need unsullied or a well trained army, any tom dick and harry can use a musket after a week of training. please dont add muskets, only large cannons or maybe some small swivel guns for ships (the tiny cannons)
12/13/2022 c14 2monthsofsummer
Really enjoyed this
9/28/2022 c13 Zeroavenger
will you ever update
7/23/2022 c14 ftoroserpro
when the sequel
7/4/2022 c7 tsougrhs.59
yea...for some reason they know he is from earth
sure bro
your plot make zero sense
and they way the characters interact is robotic
and boring
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