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1/2 c4 Rein Tenebres
The writing is good, but I have a problem.
1st, I get you killed off Valentina because it would've been difficult to write a 5th member into a RWBY team. I get, of the 5, why you chose Valentina too. Chase and Yasmin are really deep-seated comrades-in-arms. Cammie is obviously the main character. That leaves between Valentina and Kazu. Really, because of how gen:LOCK *is* and how flexible and accepting of people Cammie *is*, you could have taken either. Kazu and Cammie made a pretty bad-ass duo in ep.8 though.

Now the problem, you killed off Valentina, and Renegade Team just seems to... have zero lasting thoughts, reactions, cares about that? Honestly, you're too far in to start changing that now. That would take backwriting. But I am still interested in seeing more of this.
10/11/2019 c4 SeanHicks4
Interesting, Cammie seems a bit off, might just be I’m having trouble with imagining her Scottish accent. The merger of the worlds seems a bit forced too. Might just have to see where it goes... Valentina being missing is a little weird too come to think...
7/22/2019 c4 HarryPlays
Awesome! Can't wait to see the team meet teams RWBY and JNPR.
Keep up the great work!
5/20/2019 c2 darkvampirekisses
I am soooo looking forward to Cammie and Ruby meeting... This is gonna be good lol

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