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9/14 c12 Celeste McCoy
Wow. This is written really well. It's interesting imagining Spidey in Cap's place.
9/14 c1 Celeste McCoy
Oh dang
9/3 c14 Captain Canary
I love this story, well done
9/3 c14 Captain Canary
Is it just me or did the Ben and Peter interaction remind anyone of Sara and Laurel with the spear of destiny?
7/11 c14 Guest
PETER REVEALED HIS IDENTITY? THAT IS SO OUT OF CHARACTER. Like, earlier in the story when Peter was talking to T'Challa about revealing his identity to the world, he mentioned that there's no reason for him to keep it anymore now that everybody he loves is gone, but even THAT was unlike the Peter Parker we know and love. And him revealing his identity even AFTER everyone was resurrected makes even less sense.
7/11 c13 Guest
"I am Spider-Man". I mean, it's not the worst thing he could say, but the only reason it was so memorable when Iron Man said "I am Iron Man" to Thanos was because it was a callback to the first Iron Man movie. But whatever, I guess. Ooh, is Peter gonna die? I'm gonna guess he won't since he's way too young and... ya know, stuff. But am I evil for kinda... wanting him to die? Yeah, I probably am.
7/11 c12 Guest
Huh, so Spider-Man is wielding Mjolnir, Captain America's shield, he said Cap's line: "I can do this all day", and said the famous words: "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE". Really hyped me up, but if I gotta be honest, I was kinda hoping Sam would at least take the shield, 'cause, ya know, Sam Wilson is gonna be taking Cap's spot in the MCU, so it would probably make more sense. And the whole 'Spider-Man being worthy thing', I dunno how to feel about that. I know this is just fanfiction, but let's be honest, Spider-Man most likely wouldn't be able to wield Mjolnir due to his lack of confidence and inability to kill when necessary. But either way, great story!
6/29 c13 Guest
NOOOOO you did NOT make a dad joke at the enddd!
6/29 c7 Guest
What about peter saying "See you in a minute" to the team?
6/19 c15 Guest
Hi, I’m an author from Quotev, and I was wondering if I could possibly do a reaction fic to this, maybe? I’d be sure to give full credit to you.
6/4 c3 Guest
Me: *sees that Peter isn't just being super cute, and isn't shipped with Wade Wilson*
Me: *Dubs this #1*
5/28 c11 Guest
This is making me so happy that I wanna cry cause Tony gonna be so proud of Peter.
5/22 c8 Guest
This is so good! (Reads King of Serpents, #1, Reads this... #1)
5/19 c1 George1892
This seems like a decent enough story but the "script"-y writing style with brackets everywhere is horrible.
4/28 c14 Guest
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