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7/31/2019 c14 4Fan-Writer1001
Nice ending. I am a little disappointed Peter survived the snap since Hulk barely did. Still a great ending nonetheless.
7/31/2019 c14 Lunas Banana
I really like how this turned out.
And I think I would like a teaser.
7/30/2019 c1 WrathofAjax
why is this a script?
7/28/2019 c13 T bone
Chapter 14 everybody
7/28/2019 c13 T bone
Coming up next chapter 15
7/28/2019 c13 TheBookworm854
7/28/2019 c13 3RhettTheWarrior1028
NOOO SPIDEY! don’t kill him off please!
7/28/2019 c13 born-demigod
bro please don't make us wait long for the next chapter
7/28/2019 c2 1tonystarkxjanine
Kinda bothers me that Peter refers to Tony as Stark and not Mr. Stark. Lol
7/28/2019 c13 7KorrieChan
Will he survive?! Nah he will. Cuz he is spider-man/spoiler-man
7/28/2019 c13 4Fan-Writer1001
Whatever it takes.

PS. Please have the next chapter out soon.
7/26/2019 c12 Chamba1220
When are you going to update this chapter.
7/22/2019 c12 T bone
Avengers beat avatar box office world record man
7/21/2019 c12 T bone
Chapter 13 please
7/20/2019 c12 3RhettTheWarrior1028
Hell ya!
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