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8/7/2019 c14 Sydney
Wow! That was amazing! I legit cried at Peter dying damm you really made me think he was gone. Completely shocked me he survived even tho I’ve seen versions where he wears the gauntlet. I guess that part just tricked me. I didn’t even realize while he read the speech I thought it was like Endgame with the hologram but it wasn’t. This was an amazing story loved how you changed things and Peter being the hero of the story.
8/3/2019 c14 kival737101
YEAH SPIDER-MAN WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That was awesome Spidey wields the Hammer and the Shield, Yells the battle cry AND Ends the bad guy and LIVE! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
8/1/2019 c14 24Jedi Alex Colbent
This was... not all that good.

Not only did you consistently ignore what I said about script format, (which you do for ALL of your stories apparently. Also not cool, man.) But nothing you did really altered the plot in any meaningful or believable way. It’s the same story, but with slight tweaks in dialogue and events happening to different people. And even the stuff that happens that’s somewhat different aren’t even that impactful. Plus, typos and grammars that maybe a proofread here and there could fix.

For a Marvel What If, there really wasn’t that much different from the original story and that’s a huge thing when doing these kind of scenarios.

Best of luck in the future
8/1/2019 c14 TheBookworm854
This story is so good. Everyone should read it!
7/31/2019 c14 6CalvinFujii
Awesome alternate universe you wrote! I also wonder if you plan on adding an end-credit scenes if you have a chance? Here are some ideas:
Spiderman and some of the remaining Avengers running into Wolverine who comes out of a dark alleyway saying, “Hey bubs, got a minute? I need to tell you all something.”

The Fantastic Four (pre-superpowers) getting a reading of something dark entering the universe, which then cuts to the outer rim of space to reveal a new villain (not Kang or Galactus, btw).

Norman Osborn and J. Jonah Jameson talking about how since the Avengers were created, it would be fair if they a team like them, except comprised of villains, which has them go into a lab with many mechanized suits and gadgets, with Project: Thunderbolt written on the sides of the containment units, foreshadowing a new Earth-bound threat.
7/31/2019 c14 3Fan-Writer1001
Nice ending. I am a little disappointed Peter survived the snap since Hulk barely did. Still a great ending nonetheless.
7/31/2019 c14 Lunas Banana
I really like how this turned out.
And I think I would like a teaser.
7/30/2019 c1 WrathofAjax
why is this a script?
7/28/2019 c13 T bone
Chapter 14 everybody
7/28/2019 c13 T bone
Coming up next chapter 15
7/28/2019 c13 TheBookworm854
7/28/2019 c13 6RhettTheWarrior1028
NOOO SPIDEY! don’t kill him off please!
7/28/2019 c13 born-demigod
bro please don't make us wait long for the next chapter
7/28/2019 c2 1tonystarkxjanine
Kinda bothers me that Peter refers to Tony as Stark and not Mr. Stark. Lol
7/28/2019 c13 2KorrieChan
Will he survive?! Nah he will. Cuz he is spider-man/spoiler-man
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