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7/28/2019 c13 3Fan-Writer1001
Whatever it takes.

PS. Please have the next chapter out soon.
7/26/2019 c12 Chamba1220
When are you going to update this chapter.
7/22/2019 c12 T bone
Avengers beat avatar box office world record man
7/21/2019 c12 T bone
Chapter 13 please
7/20/2019 c12 6RhettTheWarrior1028
Hell ya!
7/20/2019 c1 39JohnGilbertVampirehunter
Just out of curiosity in your mind how does this work with Strange giving up the Time Stne to save Tony? (the reason I ask is everything I heard about Strange giving up the Time Stone was because he wasn't one of the people snapped and is around five years later but if he is then that kind of takes away the reason for Strange giving up the Time Stone)
7/20/2019 c12 zarkan
not bad really not bad and I cant wait too see what is going to happen next so please update soon see ya.
7/19/2019 c12 Awsome
Want to hear an awesome Avengers theme song look up Avengers earth's mightiest heroes theme song
7/19/2019 c12 Updatesoonman
7/19/2019 c11 Burst Kyu
Beaucoup trop sous côté
7/19/2019 c12 Burst Kyu
Hype par 3000 !
7/19/2019 c12 TheBookworm854
I live for this chapter. I'm in love with all of my people! The ending is going to be epic!
7/19/2019 c12 Guest
Now that the final battle is underway, the final question arises. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . who's gonna do the final snap?
7/19/2019 c12 2KorrieChan
7/19/2019 c12 RedEyesInferno
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