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8/10 c34 4attismorte00
i need more, please continue
8/3 c15 RandoFox
I'm not really a fan of this story, it's really confusing and I prefer your zombie story over this one
6/21 c2 Guest
Jaime is Morbin
5/29 c34 8Reon-D-Anibis
Take your time
5/19 c4 Guest
Oh I’m thinking the “She” in Zarathustra‘s opening is referring to figure Salem?
5/19 c4 Guest
I see edits progressing and some more in this chapter yay! I do enjoy reading them again.
Glass can filter out uv rays not to ash his vampire meat there was funny Jaune.
Yang is a super sunshine here. I can see why she is the centre and the like of Beacon.
Ruby is too cutie yeah sure they are not couple!
I don’t recall their crosses like this? Maybe it was. This scene makes me think of serpent Medusa symbol of feminism rage switches from driven snow to bloody creature, to deter other savage threats, a reflex of an evil to repel another dangerous evil to curse she looks upon turns to stone. Poor Jaune, is much better life to leave the heiress to herself and do not tempt fate to stir the sleeping girl for that she will turn green down to depress pit.

The funniest after reading the edited chapters, I feel like not waiting and continue the rest lol I should hop away now. Thanks for the rewrites.
5/14 c33 Guest
Canon rwby I s trash in writimg. Lol. You know it be true
5/13 c34 Guest
It was Monster that got me to read Silver! I really enjoy these two adventuresome stories, they’re awesome. I’m so happy to see this is out of hiatus to bring us more wonders of ya fanfic opus.
Monster is super interesting. I like your characters especially Jaune, the world you created for him is mythical highly original and yeah can be weird and sometimes hard to parse too. The song or music or should I call them chants were allure and compelling in my view, I like them.
I know you mentioned chapter one has been rewritten and more to come later. Will there be notification of which chapters are done or progressively? I will wait and keen to read this again thanks and hope to see this going so good. :)
5/13 c34 Guest
The only thing I ask is that if you go into another language, please don't make us have to skip to the bottom in order to understand what's being said. I really like your stories, but it can really mess with me when the characters start speaking, and saying important things, in German and I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to get the translation, then scroll back up to get the next piece of the conversation, then scroll back down and rinse and repeat until the chapter's over. Messes with the flow and the nonverbal interactions can get lost. Either way, I am really excited to be seeing more updates from you on all your stories, and I can't wait to see more.
5/14 c34 Ateist
Never stopped waiting for the rewrite since the time i red it entirely! Glad to see you back)
5/14 c34 Aimlessamo
Glad to see you back! Can't wait to see what you do with the re-write.
5/14 c34 1Adro-Sama
QI can't wait to read the rewrite
5/13 c34 Dressyone22
I'm glad to see this story getting continued. I'll definitely re-read the whole thing.
5/13 c34 Thisisawesome89
glad to hear news about this fic
5/13 c34 Abnormal Jinx
Eh its lives, really enjoyed reading this fic so glad to see its not abandoned. Looking forward to the changes/updates
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