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5/13 c34 Abnormal Jinx
Eh its lives, really enjoyed reading this fic so glad to see its not abandoned. Looking forward to the changes/updates
4/26 c3 Kiwysk1643
"other than the fact that he just sucked some dude dry in an alleyway" PAAAAUUUSSEEEEEE
2/24 c23 Visual Bliss
I'm a spiteful piece of shit I would do the opposite of what freyja wanted just to irritate her
1/14 c33 seanjoshmassey
This is a very enjoyable read. I love the world and characters you've established. I assume though that the harem you mentioned before ch 1 has been dropped? I really hope you continue this story, it's very well done.
1/11 c33 Andromeda
This is one of the best damn stories I have ever found.
1/12 c10 seanjoshmassey
This is so good so far. Can't wait to read more.
1/12 c5 3DemonCat2Tailz
No wonder I like your shit, you are a fellow captive of ark.
No escape eh?
12/4/2021 c28 1a loud snipper
hey man just FYI, triskaideca- is for 13 sides and triaconta- is the prefix for 30.
I'm fairly certain I know which one you were trying to go for but it never hurts to give out extra info.
9/24/2021 c33 Rando-Reviewer
Damn, this is like my third time binging this fanfic. Holy hell, its good. It's pushing me to write my own story as well! Hope you post a chapter soon!
9/23/2021 c33 39Mystic the Kitsune
So i reallllly love this story, but it feels like the romance is proceeding at the speed of grass growing.
7/27/2021 c33 human dragon
An amazing chapter as always my friend great job :)
6/4/2021 c33 Guest
Really good I hope to see its continuity but is on hiatus or rewrite? Hope to see this to come back.
I am quite curious where you will take Weiss, I wasn’t refer to romance or her joining into Jaune’s bewildered harem workshops or polygamous, in fact I prefer she didn’t need that. Jaune already have enough female casts falling crazy for him now I got headaches when I read those too many multi relationships ahaha, one less the better, kidding only. Alright I was thinking the great potential or the thing of the soul matched mage part Goodwitch was referring Weiss to just few chaps ago, I thought it would be cool to boost up another main cast that could shove Jaune to the wall too so he wasn’t too overpowering one lol.
There were mess but overall I still could follow enough. Thanks again I had a great time reading this story for the past many days.
6/4/2021 c32 Guest
A bit frustrating or perhaps more for inconvenient, would be nice if the translates were just below the non English lines. But all good, still could scroll down and up few times practicing finger movements lol
6/3/2021 c10 Guest
Haha did Jaune run or fly across? Fun chapter!
6/5/2021 c2 Visual Bliss
I was getting Tokyo ghoul vibes here good inspiration
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