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for Temporal Reversion - Dragon Style

3/17 c10 fallondyson
10/5/2020 c10 HartleySkarsgard
All caught up. I enjoyed the fight scenes with NK and loved reading about the new hatchlings.
10/4/2020 c6 saifullah.safiy
when did he reveal his heritage?
7/27/2020 c10 Jonerys2019
7/25/2020 c1 Guest
Definatly re-write season 8 !
7/24/2020 c10 7Angelus Draco
Lovely chapter.

Love the new baby dragons

Just curious though; what happened to Viserion? Is he staying to guard Sansa and the North?
7/24/2020 c10 LianaFSM
Where is Viserion?
Good chapter.
7/24/2020 c10 18Longclaw 1-6
Always love new dragons :D

Varys at the end is scaring me
3/23/2020 c9 Victorie96
The story is actually quite good, and I hope you will continue it with pleasure since I can't wait until the next one is out. So, I hope you will soon write about how this one will be hatched.
2/10/2020 c9 Guest
I like
2/11/2020 c9 41Patriot-112
And a new dragon child enters the family. Keep it up!
2/9/2020 c9 Guest
I really enjoyed it and can't wait for more. I was starting to worry that you'd forgotten about his mother leaving something in the crypt. I'm looking forward to Jon hatching it. Keep it up!
2/9/2020 c1 Lorelei
"As much as I would like to try to save Viserion from being killed, I realize that the Night King would have gotten past the wall one way or another." says Jon.
No, my dear Jon, the only reason the Night King was able to get past the Wall was because of your lack of brains which allowed him to get his hands on Viserion. It is your fault Jon! You want for the Night King not to get past the Wall, then get on the fucking dragon when Dany risked everything to go save your sorry ass! You want for the Night King not to win at Winterfell, then come up with a decent strategy. You want for your army to bigger, then come up with a decent strategy when you fight Ramsey, not make them run like idiots against an oncoming army to a certain death. You want to have the North support you, then don't sell them for a night of good sex.
2/10/2020 c9 Jonerys2019
That moment where Dany learns she's pregnant is just surreal
2/9/2020 c9 18Longclaw 1-6
Jon wasn't able to see his mother's own letter to him in his past life. God, he must be in a fragile emotional state right now... luckily he has Dany and his unborn baby to calm him :D
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