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10/12 c1 Guest
Beau's character "grows" from being just gulliblly naive to becoming maliciously naive. As annoying as it was for their honeymoon to be interrupted in this supposedly romantic fanfic, I could at least understand Beau going along with Sulpicia's demands in order to save his kidnapped friend's life.

But when Beau finds out Sulpicia lied about his mother being a hostage (same old trope from the very first Twilight, by the way) and STILL chooses her over the "love of his life" Edythe, I could no longer relate to this character at all. He became a strange and horrifying parody of what he should have been.

He had so completely bought into the stories that Sulpicia was selling him regarding the need for his powers that he willingly crippled his wife with his ability while she was engaged in mortal combat and could have died as a result of his meddling. Then he is presented with irrefutable proof that Sulpicia cannot be trusted when she finally admits to lying about the well-being of his mom and he STILL trusts her enough to have his wife beheaded and left vulnerable while he goes to play hero?

The author's betrayal here still upsets me. His actions in this scene are when he became a villain in my mind, because he can no longer claim to just be gullible anymore. Beau's actions are willfully and knowingly malicious towards the one he is supposed to love the most. He can try to lie to himself that what he is doing is for the "greater good," but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. He turned from love to instead embrace the banality of evil.

In my mind this fanfiction needs to be classified as a romantic tragedy. No other category will encapsulate this gross distortion of what could have been.
10/4 c1 anon-acc
Damn who has the energy to go around leaving such feedback, but in response to the Guest's comment, I personally though that Beau's actions were in line with the growth he had has a character. Also I assume that Beau knew that he wasn't actually going to kill Edythe but I can't exactly rmb.
9/30 c1 Guest
Beau: "I love you, Edythe."
Sulpicia: "We need to rip Edythe's head off."

Also Beau: "Make it so."
9/30 c23 Guest
You should seriously go into hiding for this piece of sh*t you've written.
9/30 c1 Guest
You really should have put more of a warning in the description at how different this story would be. Beau just doing what he's told when Sulpicia called him on the first night of their honeymoon made me stop reading and skip to the epilogue. At least you didn't kill Edythe, but apparently Beau would have gone along with that at some point in your strange story? Yeah, that's more than just an OOC Beau.

You might as well have created a new character. Part of the appeal of the original story is the the characters' love for each other trumps everything else. In your twisted fiction Beau would rather just be a sub for Sulpicia. Seriously, don't string people along into thinking your story is anything close to the original.
9/28 c29 LGFiction
I have just concluded your Twilight reimagined series and I felt compelled to make an account just so I could leave my thoughts here.

Bravo! I devoured the lot in about a week and enjoyed every moment of it. I never read the original book series or cared much for the films at all but these reimagined stories have been highly compelling and expertly written, I especially admire the bold new direction in which you decided to take the story without making things feel out of place, the way in which you chose to conclude the series was also particularly gratifying.

It would be lovely to see more original works from you in the future, you certainly have a talent for it.
9/1 c1 Douche
Amazing work
8/15 c29 12Quiet Ryter
Thank you for updating your wonderful and awesome story.:) These three chapters are awesome and wonderful.:) Its perfect and the ending is perfect.:)
8/2 c29 skallystic
brb gotta go cry
7/29 c29 1BradenAndEggs
I'm back after a binge! Thanks for all of your hard work! This collection of stories has been excellent! I'm sad it's over, but happy you were able to land the whole thing so strongly! Also, the art for the series you've released is incredible! Great work! Excited to see more greatness in whatever project you chase next!
7/28 c29 Longtime fan
I can't believe how long it's been since this started and that it's finally over...I honestly don't know how to feel. You're a complete stranger but you and this fanfic have been in my life for LITERAL YEARS and I just wanna say thanks for seeing this through to the end.

PS I'm totally willing to go another 5 years with a Midnight Sun version of all this lol
7/28 c29 JearBearTheMighty
Wow, the way you weaved the Jacob Renesme plot into your version was genius. You totally got me with the setup too, like the name "Ren" was sooo obvious but you disguised it with the whole "naming him after Renee". Crafty af. Oh wait, conpletely read that wrong haha, thats what I get for commenting before finishing the chapter.

Anyways, would love to see the adventures of Jules and her pack, with Beau, Edythe, and Archie tagging along, as they explore some more paranormal stuff in their world. Feel like that could be an organic and fun sequel, that is just different enough from what youve got here to feel fresh but still retains some of the strongest pieces too.

That "Let them go" line really hit hard man. The full circle of Beau right there and for me reading this series. Ive been delaying reading these last few chapters for over a week, just refusing to let the series reach its inevitable conclusion.


What a great ending. Been a wild ass ride following you and your story all these years. I still remember burning through New Moon and Eclipse and thinking that I would never live to see the day that Breaking Dawn Reimagined would actually be released (no thanks to Midnight Sun Reimagined lol).

I was a completely different person back then, young, immature, irresponisble and its been a wonderous experience growing and improving alongside your series.

Im just now getting deep into the creative world myself with my day job and now a passion project collab with a friend. So If I ever get into position where I could use someone with your skills, youll be my first call.

But yea looking forward to following whatever you do next, that is, if you do commit to making some more stuff. Just promise me that you'll keep us in the loop.

Rest easy though bud, youve made something truly special here and captivated the minds of so many fans.

With Love

- Kouza
7/28 c27 JearBearTheMighty
Damn, Sulpicia's character still never ceases to amaze me. Her scene with Carine was legendary. I particularly love the marvel super hero vibes from ending to their convo "We will be there for those in need". Just dope dude.

But yea its nice to spend tine with the Cullens again, they definitely took a back seat for this book. Reading this chapter makes me want to see a book where the cullens are at oddd on some threat to their livelihood and they split up temporarily to get things done. Like I could see a Lorf of the Rings type of journey or somethin with this group.

Anyways, dope stuff man.
7/28 c29 anon-acc
Wow, is it bad that I want even more? I think it speaks to the quality of your writing & what you have been able to do.
Seeing these characters mature and progress throughout your books has been amazing to read, and the way you write has really brought these characters alive.

You have written this installment beautifully, and I can honestly say I enjoy your writing more so than SM. The addition of Ren has been nice to read, and the epilogue was a nice way to tie things together.

This will definitely be a story that I will re read in the future, and in the future, whether you decide to revisit this reimagined series and continue it, or start something new, i'll be sure to read it (and hoping you do in the meantime).

7/27 c29 Guest
Your reimagined series is the best twilight fanfics on the net. You really made me fall in love with the life and death characters, more than Meyers even.

Though I know this story is done, I hope we might get more life and death fanfics from you and other writers. Your stories left me wanting more.
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