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for Healing Kisses

5/21 c38 LRCN
lol Kaoruko
5/20 c38 Brazkas
I felt Claudine's pain in my own chest, nice lol! Kaoruko better give them a break lol
5/20 c37 Brazkas
I honestly threw my cellphone at the floor when I read Maya's father saying "You may come in"... I couldn't hold my anger in hahaha now the screen is a little cracked... serves me right lol

Dear god I swear to you if I had being in Claudine's place I would have flipped the damn table on them gosh! But I'm satisfied at how things turned fine at the end, they will start to think before speaking to Maya like this again hehe

Thank you for the update as always! I love how you write, I feel their emotions as my own and that is awesome!
3/15 c37 18Dragon and Sword Master
I want this animated just to hear how Claudine's VA (English and Japanese) present these lines to Maya's parents, because this chapter was amazing.
2/15 c36 Dragon and Sword Master
This was much better than last chapter and I loved it immensely. I'm glad that Maya was able to show the Sanjou family her true self...
1/4 c34 Ivory Wisdom
I am the first right?
12/28/2020 c33 Ivory Wisdom
I thought this story has been finished,but I’m impressed!Keep up the good work
12/6/2020 c30 3WheresMyHighwind
Not me up at like 1am reading this like “Aw these girls together in this is so sweet” and then the post-fanfiction-reading hits and I’m just staring into the dark void of my room like “wow, I want a girlfriend...” and then continued to read your entire catalog of fics. Anyways long ass review but like, keep it up. Your writing as just the right amount of fluff and angst that I’m sure I’ll be up till 3am LOL.
10/31/2020 c28 12TheHandOfTheDarkness
Can I actually request a chapter where Nana wins against Maya and asks for her reenactment but she is the only one to go back?
Meaning Maya and the rest would stay and Claudine would have to deal with a Maya who doesn't have any more glimmer in her...
10/30/2020 c27 Brazkas
lol after Claudine and Koharu date card, I think we all know who Maya is trying to kill lmao ~
10/13/2020 c27 18Dragon and Sword Master
*snickers* this was quite cute! And yes...I can see everyone being behind bars for those reasons. This was a great little side story and I loved every second of it.
9/18/2020 c3 12TheHandOfTheDarkness
Never fear using clichés in your writing, as much as the average pepeGa rolls their eyes to their mention, they are indeed things that often happen and if not, they are things that work, they are clichés for a reason.
8/24/2020 c26 18Dragon and Sword Master
Claudine and Maya will always have a crazy relationship that for some reason or another just works. It really shouldn't...but somehow it does.
8/11/2020 c24 3ElviraSensei
That was fun. My ex is a sleep talker but it was more surrealistic than in this story. But she understood me the funniest was a day I remarked she had her legs like a frog in her sleep and she answered "rwbitt rwbitt" I laughed so hard that I woke her up.
8/9/2020 c23 ElviraSensei
What a great dream all these Mayas fighting for Claudine. She could have taken them all
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