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for It Lives In The Woods

6/7 c17 Guest
Hope you continue this. It's amazing!
5/16/2020 c17 K
You sometimes mix past and present tense but the story is amazing. Stayed up till 1am reading it. I like the approach of Sara having friends and those friends also dealing with Sara on their own. It feels a lot like the movie when hoggle had to deal with the goblin king and make deals that would help himself.
4/29/2020 c17 Guest
Hope you contine this story. It is an enjoyable read.
3/31/2020 c17 Melisa-Sama
Oh, my God! I'm in shock ... Dan was brave for wanting to face his fear, stopping running away. And he was also stupid, very stupid for believing that by going alone nothing would happen to him. Mentally he was convincing himself that everything he suffered was unreal, but no. As an Argentine saying goes: "from saying to doing, there is a long way to go", I mean, one thing is what he thought he imagined and another was what was really happening. He was denying all reality ... And as much as the mother wanted to give her help by communicating with that therapist, I think that inadvertently worsened everything. Because once the therapist talks about her last message, things will get worse and it will involve many more people ... Thank you for this beautiful chapter; It is making me imagine thousands of possible scenarios, so many situations ! Looking forward to another chapter. And besides, I hope you are taking care of yourself; It is no secret what is happening worldwide and beyond the position that each country has taken to face this situation, it is up to each one to take proper care of themselves without panicking. I send you greetings and I hope you are well
3/20/2020 c17 Loreley
Well, Dan is one stupid boy.
3/16/2020 c16 6brooklyn1shay2black3
I’m so excited for the messy drama reveal thatJareth was asking for Sarah or something the tea that will be spilt
3/11/2020 c16 Loreley
Impatiently waiting for more...
3/7/2020 c4 Honoria Granger
The past tense of “drag” is “dragged”, not “drug.” Unless you’re a hillbilly.
3/7/2020 c16 Melisa-Sama
Well, this is getting interesting. Now the question is: What does King Goblin want in exchange for these favors? It is very rare that after such a long time it appears as if nothing and gives them their help and that they accept it like that without more ... this only fuels my curiosity more ... I am glad to have read another update, now to wait for more mysteries
3/7/2020 c16 Drslb
Hmmm... what could Jareth possibly want?!
2/8/2020 c15 2Princess of the Fae
Congrats on the Baby!
Can't wait to read more!
2/8/2020 c15 Drslb
Keep posting! Love the creepiness inherent with this story. You create unease and discomfort well in your narrative!
1/6/2020 c14 Guest
Hey I just found this story and I'm completely obsessed! I know a lot of your notes say you like the reviews and feedback but I'm just excited to find out what happens next so I hope this just gives you good writing motivation! My review is you're doing awesome
1/1/2020 c14 Amelia Appels
Yay updates! Love this story, can't wait for the next one! _
12/27/2019 c14 Jessica Ferguson
This stories really good so far! Honestly kinda like the whole not knowing lots about Jareth and him not being in each chapter! Makes it so when he does show up be all the more terrifying! Keep up the good work I wait with baited breath till the next chapter!
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