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12/21/2019 c11 Guest
la suite de detective kitsune
8/12/2019 c11 4Gamelover41592
well things seem to have gone a bit nuts
8/9/2019 c10 Gamelover41592
nice job on this chapter and yeah I can see Tsunade saying that so any other Naruto characters in this world?
7/26/2019 c9 Gamelover41592
well this started off sweet but now 0-0 uh oh
7/24/2019 c8 seant5054
keep up the good work
7/19/2019 c8 Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and things seem to be going well for Naruto
7/19/2019 c6 thor94
wait i don't understand:
How naruto can have chakra and kurama?
He is naruto from elemental nations who come to detective conan universe?
7/17/2019 c7 Gamelover41592
nice job but if they go on vacation be sure not to bring conan and/or Moore ;)
7/16/2019 c6 Gamelover41592
5 & 6: great job on these chapters
7/10/2019 c4 Gamelover41592
awww :)
7/6/2019 c3 Gamelover41592
hmm let's see where this goes
5/21/2019 c1 Shadow
Loved it, never seen a crossover like this, or atleast one thats still updated, looking forward to the next chapter!
5/21/2019 c1 Jojotheshadow
Oh I like this, I’ll be looking forward to future chapters.

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