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for Becoming Superboy (Rewrite)

6/4/2019 c12 1Araytigre
First they thought they had the Master, but he was a fraud and a Trap, so they rectified that situation, then they find the Real Master, however he was dying, so the Doctor helped him by giving him some of his own lifeforce (of which he had denied the Master in another incarnation, go figure). Now with some of the Daleks closing in, they must hide, and the much healthier Master knows where to go. Jack does things differently than the Doctor would, lol. Thank You. TTFN
6/1/2019 c11 Araytigre
Enter The Master (hmm... I wonder if he still has his Isomorphic Screwdriver?). With Jack there, along with Wally's new treads, things are going to start to be a bit more exciting. Thank You. TTFN
5/30/2019 c9 Araytigre
Time for Jason to the rescue, while learning just Who the Doctor Is. Thank You. TTFN
5/28/2019 c6 Araytigre
Interesting twist on canon DC 'verse, and if the TARDIS was responsible for Wally's becoming the Kid Flash, would that be also the case for Barry Allen becoming the Flash? Particularly as they were both subjected to as near identical conditions as possible, and Lightning (of unknown origin) was involved in both cases. It will be fun to see their reactions to the inside of the TARDIS. Thank You. TTFN
5/27/2019 c4 Araytigre
Methinks that this Wally would one Wally West, a.k.a. Kid Flash (or will soon be). I like his New Suit, and it will be fun exploring the extent of his new Powers, most should be similar to his Father's, such as Super Strength, Speed, and Durability, most likely Flight too, whatever else is up in the air so to speak. Naturally, he will have to train with his Father in order to get a handle on his powers, without hurting himself, or someone else accidentally. Fun, Thank You. TTFN

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