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for La Douleur Exquise

6/5 c2 Qul
Nice plot looking forward to the next chapter.
3/26 c2 goblin
12/5/2019 c2 7udkudk
You should make this a full story. It would've been awesome
6/20/2019 c2 Ozydrag
This comment has been deleted
6/11/2019 c2 3jiubantai-taichoCalmejaneJose
Good story I hope to see more soon maybe he can take over Westeros after all he is now the most powerful being in existence.
6/9/2019 c2 Archie
This is ingenious. One of the most original works I have read in a long time. It has potential to be intensely poignant . I wrote love to read some more!
PS: I love the name of the story!
6/5/2019 c2 osterreicher97
Poor gullible Lyanna fell for the only man who could be worse than Rhaegar for her to encounter. I wonder how things will go and what will happen seeing as the horcrux can't reintegrate itself as a living being without a victim with magic to leach off of if I remember correctly (it's only half a soul after all). Lyanna and those others with magical ancestry have to either have the magic but it's dormant and/ or be squibs of some sort.

If so, Lyanna might be too weak for it to work without her dying horribly and the process fail, or it work but she goes into a coma or something.
5/24/2019 c1 Unbenannt
5/23/2019 c1 Hadrian.Caeser
5/23/2019 c1 4Inquisitek
Love the concept. But I also like regularly updated stories too. I don’t mean to complain. But I don’t think I’ve seen you reach at least 12 chapters in a story at all.
5/22/2019 c1 osterreicher97
Hmmm... a magical artifact that depends upon the magic of the one who interacts in order to do it's work of bringing itself to life in a 'magic-less' world along with a girl who is, like many others in the setting, a squib-like descendant by the measure of the Harry Potter-verse. I would be interested to see how turns out as well as how the Diary ended up there.
5/22/2019 c1 21edboy4926
Short but interesting intro.

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