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3/5 c12 1RewindAgain
I do hope you plan to finish this someday, cause this shit is gas.
2/10 c9 RDDash
Oh wizard marshall, so scary, TSAB is shaking in their boots. It's funny how that particular wizard marshall is popular on fanfiction crossovers but never is being mentioned in the official media of Fate.
2/10 c3 RDDash
She probably just killed everyone on that plane with that stupid infected child
1/22 c12 1ptyre
ignorance about concept will death sentence of TSBA . . . because average magus will have some concept (example kitsurugu origin bullet) so normal magus have concept reflection and sent their illusion to TSBA agent because their ignorance they attack it and instantly their own magic reflected back to agent of TSBA. yep fight with magus so complicated it is like play chess with death.
and don't remind us about how OP is curses . . .
12/2/2023 c6 TwinstarDragon
Emiya now deserves the nickname Faker. Not only does he make replicas of weapons but he also can tell bullshit with a straight face without people knowing it is a lie when they are not part of the need to know bases. He is the king of fake, of the w rizz, of the eroge luck, the god of harems, and the king of chaos. For every single chaotic situation he had been in to without trying
11/30/2023 c12 aGnamZer0
Shirou must have given a heart attack to those from the TSAB watching the events unfolding. For him to be able to manipulate and modify one of their Devices like he knows it inside out (which he does) and is the one who created it... that implication is frightening. Maybe, he could even reprodue it (even if he fully understands Raising Heart, I doubt the Earth technology would allow that, his Tracing though...)

Shirou passing Alteration for Alchemy. While it's not necessarily incorrect, Alchemy seems much more grandiose than his mere Alteration. It's funny.

And now they have proof that Shirou's modifications took effect as Nanoha's shots were one-hit kills.

I don't have much opportunities to see fight between magi, so I truly enjoyed seeing Lorelei fighting.

More importantly, aren't Shirou's construct temporary? The Gauntlet he gave Lorelei, won't it eventually disappear into motes of light? I don't think Lorelei would appreciate that much. At least now I know why Shirou nicknamed her Metal Gauntlet Lorelei when talking about his Gold Association. I didn't know she actually used one.

Also, she was worried because she felt the Dead Apostle might have another backup, and I don't think another Gauntlet would be enough to fix that issue. Meaning, maybe the Dead Apostle is still alive.

And now, Shirou's fate is intertwined with Lorelei's. I wonder how long until she finds out about his true capacities or about Nanoha and TSAB.

Thank you for writing and sharing you work with us.
11/30/2023 c11 aGnamZer0
« "What if we can locate the target before crossing the bounded field, and then apprehend him immediately?" This time Shirou tried a different angle.

Lorelei had already considered this approach herself, which was why she had an appropriate response. "Can you do it?"

"Yes," he answered. »

I must admit, I don't get how Shirou would be able to do that. If it's just a matter of breaking the bounded field, Rule Breaker would do it. If it's about temporarily disabling it so they pass trhough, the Crimson Rose of Exorcism would do the trick. But locating the target and get there directly? What kind of Noble Phantasm does he have that can do that? If they had his blood, I suppose Hrunting might have done it, but I don't think it was quite what he thinking.

Anyway, Shirou's value just went up considerably. Not only is he able to do unique things she herself can't do, but he has a very competent 'assistant', and the worth of your subordinates reflect your own worth.

Shirou able to casually give concepts to weapon. No biggie! XD

Thanks for the chapter.
11/30/2023 c10 aGnamZer0
Ahah! Shirou and his E-rank luck... On one hand, he now has a chance to get a close rapport with the Queen of the Clock Tower, on the other hand, it's gonna be hard to hide the truth about his Magecraft and his Reality Marble.

Still, becoming Lorelei's apprentice, huh? Yep. There's no chance of him hiding what he can really do. I hope he won't be stuck with a Sealing Designation and become her 'dog' much like what happened in From Fake Dreams by Third Fang.

Ahah! Nanoha is truly like a younger Shirou, unable to stop herself from saving anyone, no matter the situation and possible consequences. I wonder if people will notice thier disappearance.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/30/2023 c9 aGnamZer0
You know, at first I really, really, really, wasn't convinced about your merged verse of Nanoha and Fate.

The first point of contention was (and still is) the matter of parallel universes. At most, the TSAB deals with dimsnsions, not universes. Otherwise, Zelretch or not, there would definitely have been universes where they find out the truth about the Earth and the Moonlit World. But I decided to ignore that point again.

Anyway, that aside, it's coming together really well. I love how Rin and Zelretch gave the TSAB a big scare with their talks of true magics and magecrafts approaching it. The way Rin introduced Shirou has having near true magic (the fact he spammed 'Lost Logias' certainly giving credence) also pleased me immensely.

« Kaleidoscope: A constantly changing pattern or sequence of objects and elements, notably associated with the wings of a butterfly fluttering in a group. It denoted endless possibility, and immeasurable room for rippling impacts. »

I had never seen such a definition of the Kaleidoscope. It's both very beaitufl and indeed, accurate! I love it.

« Rin spoke of the Root as if it was just common knowledge, but those in Midchilda knew better than to assume the Root Rin was talking about was just a centralized magic system from Nanoha's world. She literally meant the root of all magic synonymous to any world.

The Root itself was like a tree whose branches extend to different dimensions. And following those roots, will lead to the Root of all itself. »

Again, I truly like your wording about this definition. Wonderful!

I love how Rin managed to trick TSAB into thinking that... maybe, Rin herself is the holder of the First True Magic. Maybe.

« The Fifth True Magic: Magic Blue. [...] Time Travel and law conversion. The weight of a future abandoned, shouldered by the mass-conservation-debts of a past no longer with a future, the range of which is determinant on the practitioner. »

Rin sure managed to make Blue sound like a terrifying power! *shuddering*

Now, remains to see whether there will be a big planetary scale conflict or not (depends on how TSAB decides to classify Earth). And now they're gonna see first hand a Dead Apostle hunt. Should be fun!

Thanks for the chapter.
11/30/2023 c8 aGnamZer0
Ahah, Nanoha... naughty girl. Rummaging through your host's stuff. Still, Rin letting your resarch out in the open for Nanoha to find out. No bounded fields for secrecy. I'm disappointed.

Zelretch trolling the TSAB. Should be fun!

Thanks for the chapter.
11/30/2023 c7 aGnamZer0
« The protocol seemed to be divided into two categories, one in the case of cooperation, and the other something Nanoha wasn't quite privy to. In any case, she had faith in the TSAB, so she'd let them deal with it. »

Nanoha has been completely brainwashed. At least, Shirou has no delusion about the true nature of the Mage Association. Obviously, if not cooperation, ANNIHILATION!
11/30/2023 c6 aGnamZer0
I'm delighted Shirou's artificial magic generator can't be removed! I don't care if it makes him a target.

Metal Gauntlet Lorelei! Ahahah! RIP Shirou! Plus, where does that 'Metal Gauntlet' part comes from? Couldn't you have at least called her 'The Queen of the Green' or something?

Still, while Zelretch's explanation is dubious (the TSAB doesn't deal with PARALLEL universes), what is frustrating is that Shirou won't be able to reveal the Moonlit World and truly act like he's an Exceptional Human. Sigh...

Thanks for the chapter.
11/30/2023 c5 aGnamZer0
I was wondering why Shirou didn't know much about Nanoha, but it's because it's a gun, huh?

I'm still not sure if Nanoha truly believs there is a magic organization on Earth or not.

Regardless, now she's gonna believe Shirou's abilities are due to the Lost Logia.

Personally, I'm glad he got it. He really do need magical energy, and if that Jewel Seed can provide, I'm all for it!

Thanks for the chapter.
11/30/2023 c4 aGnamZer0
I've got the feeling Shirou will never get the opportunity to explain the Moonlit World to her and that even if he did, she wouldn't believe him.

Regardless, it'd be really nice if Shirou found a real way to fix his prana issues. This Lost Logia is a good start.

Shirou and Nanoha are truly similar when it comes to saving people. The only difference is that Shirou had to grow.

Still, I wonder if Rule Braker wouldn't be able to stop the infection.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/30/2023 c3 aGnamZer0
I'm surprised we didn't get to hear Raising Heart.

It didn't take long for Nanoha to find out the horrors of Magecraft. The Moonlit World is not for the faint of hearts.

Still, it's funny how she still believes Shirou is an exception and not a rule. Well, as a magus, he's certainly exceptional (in both good and bad), but the point is that there are many more magi in the world.

I imagine she and the TSAB can't sense their presence because Magic Circuits are especially good at hiding magic.

Thanks for the chapter.
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