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3/23 c8 The Prophet Of Lies
I get it's for the plot but my god is everyone to stupid to have responsibilities. Why is Rin leaving some magic user she knows nothing about in her workshop for over 30 minutes? Why did they spend a full 30 not just a rush job at explaining since some one is waiting. And Nanoha is just going to copy a blueprint and steal it! She who up to this point is all high and righteous about doing good just did intellectual property theft at the very least. in justifies it by just saying oh it was just a student's thing make stealing fine. God I think this is your most convoluted story yet
3/5 c12 5Androgynous-Heron
For some reason i really like lorelei here and how she deals with absolutes but the uncertainty is also there [thanks zeltretch] wish i can see more of her here!
3/5 c12 Bubbahfearsome
God I just remembered Nanoha had the possible dead apostles ghouls taken up to the ship meaning he likely will come back that way to bite them in the ass
1/28 c12 3doraemax
Did Nanoha's action of spiriting away the ghouls means Victor is now still alive?
1/28 c10 doraemax
The arrogance of thinking one knows better, and no patience to observe and learn and discover if there's anything to be done in the first place. After all, the victims are not immediately in danger. She can afford the wait. But no... it's all they're wrong, i'm right, and i need to act NOW (sigh).
1/27 c8 doraemax
Nice, a spank sorely needed. Fury needs these kind of rebuke too to keep his head from swelling.
1/26 c12 Niuzu0130
Well i guess that dead apostle is in the TSAB no. Have fun trying to containg him.
1/25 c12 2W1NTERF0X
Ok, you've roped Zelretch, Emiya, and Barthomeloi into the eyes of TSAB. Do you think you can rope Servants? How about Altrpuge Brunestud? Primate Murder? GIVE US SABER!
1/24 c12 naufalrakha0104
Cant wait for history reason for Nanoha..
1/21 c12 1Rubel
Neat. I hadn't really thought about it but Nanoha doesn't deal in conceptuals at all does it. That leaves them reeaall vulnerable.
1/21 c12 pietrodeglie
Nice chapter, and Nice Lorelei!
1/20 c12 3rick12
Well, that was interesting.

No good deed goes unpunished, I guess. Lorelei did tell both Shirou and Nanoha that she won't execute them when the red haired man threw to her a copy of her gauntlet for her left hand. She had a bad feeling that this wasn't over. The ghouls that Nanoha foolishly had Fate teleport to treat? That'll suck for the TSAB to have an undead outbreak where Nanoha is blamed for it.

Shirou giving Nanoha's Raising Heart a temporary 'upgrade' for the moment against the ghouls.

Nice short chapter.
1/20 c12 19Rialga
And so it begins - the ramifications of Nanoha's earlier actions. Man, the secrecy each faction has here is just insane. Understandable, given the rules of their respective settings and whatnot but as Victor's obvious survival (to us readers, anyway) will indicate, said lack of true cooperation/openness is really going to bite them all in the ass.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
1/20 c12 10NepShrimpz
Execution evasion level: 100
1/20 c12 34HikaruWinter
Lorelei being herself *chef kiss* Best representation I've seen (aside from canon lol)

Thank you for hard work! You're the best, author-dono!
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