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for SCP-4902 The Gate

5/10 c1 7Maddythebunny
This first chapter is awesome considering SCP-4902 is a talking fridge.
3/31 c12 pltrgst
anyway, thanks too..
3/24 c12 Guest
Please continue the story. This seems to be so interesting. Besides, I like both of the stuff that you are using in the crossover. It is so interesting.
2/7 c11 Look2021
Good Chapter!
2/4 c2 dudepotatos
Yeah, try killing the "Beast" that shrugs off nuclear blasts, won't you?
1/18 c12 Super heavy weapons guy
Just have to say this is the best SCP crossover i have read
1/12 c12 Bartman
1/12 c11 Bartman
I like SCP-049.
1/12 c10 Bartman
I love Lelei.
1/12 c9 Bartman
Molt sucks.
1/11 c12 1KevinNaits
Eh, another great story is gone. The only SCP and Gate crossover on this site. I hope that someday you will decide to return to this story, or maybe decide to rewrite it. In principle, everything worked out pretty well for you. It is not necessary to take into account all the objects of the Foundation, it would be enough to use the basic and most famous ones. 096 was not eliminated (his class was not changed on the site). And besides, one of the basic rules of the SCP community is that there is no canon, so in yours fanfic you could do whatever you want with the SCP foundation.
1/10 c12 Nitpicker420
Sad to see this one go! I loved the old one as well, if you have it kicking around somewhere on your hard disk, feel free to post it, I would read it for old times sake. Once again, thanks for free entertainment! May you succeed in your future endeavors
12/13/2020 c11 Guest
P.S. Now I want to see how they'll react to SCP-999.

I couldn't resist mentioning him. I need some cuddly hugs in my life too...
12/13/2020 c11 Guest
Better than I thought it would be.

I can't wait for the part when Rory faces the Plague Doctor.
11/9/2020 c11 Guest
One thing to note is that the Falmart gods purposely keep the inhabitants primitive by destroying new sources of technology and science so they keep worshipping them. I don't think they would like the Foundation in their world and the Foundation would probably try to contain/terminate them as they violate normalcy through their immature usage of the gate.
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