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for SCP-4902 The Gate

10/22 c9 Axccel
"...without ruthless capitalists trying to exploit the riches that are here." Welp, some author is utterly ignorant of what capitalism is and the laws preventing it from getting out of hand.

Capitalism is bad and exploitative

Totally ignoring that if that were true it'd, y'know be happening in real life but isn't seeing as vast areas are reservations for wildlife and there are many severe restrictions on everything to protect the environment, but hey we can feel self-righteous and pretend to be justified for being anti-capitalist commies if we say they're doing the things we commies actually do. In fact, the only people who DO exploit and ravage lands for riches are communists. Even fascists don't generally do that, though probably because they're much more focused on population control whereas communism is focused on gobbling up every resource and wealth it can find like some sort of giant ameba because everyone getting equal everything means everyone is equally poor and in need. Capitalism when there are no regulations at all still doesn't spread around devouring resources like communism does because it focuses on maximizing profit, which means also maximizing how much can be gained at as little cost as possible and so all resources are used as thoroughly as possible before looking for more and sustainable/renewable resources are strongly favored

What a wonderful person.
9/19 c9 Ger0nim0
Dr. Bright, please, whatever you do, please follow that guidebook that's meant for you.
9/21 c9 AyeJimmy123
9/19 c1 Guest
This thing is really interesting, but I think you should file this to the foundation itself, to give it a proper number also to make it canon.
9/19 c9 starscreamer11
If there isnt a chainsaw cannon I'm suing XD
9/6 c8 3Paktu
8/29 c8 ForgottenPrince
Awesome, can't wait for more.

Best regards,
8/18 c8 Anderson
This is pretty good and I would love to see other scps interacting with the inhabitants from 4902 like Able, 1360, 2521, 085, 035 working with 049 and maybe even 1678 but only as there being another gate located there and some bobbies existed into 4902 or some inhabitants entered the gate that lead to 1678 and got caught by the bobbies or foundation personel and also scp 239 the witch child. But overall this is a pretty good and well done story so keep it up please.
8/18 c8 warrlod
8/17 c4 Avalanche-dragoon
Rimmy? Digby? Scarmu? Livesy?
Oh you sly mothefucker.
You had my interest .
But now?
Now you have my attention.
8/6 c8 Bartman
"We practice and learn magic, Lieutenant sir, we harness the power of nature's elements and bend it to our will"

Meh... Zatanna is better.
8/7 c8 AyeJimmy123
8/5 c2 2Sgt117
Okay...so I love that you've got Rimmy and the boys in this...Lambda-3 and the XXth Cadian Division...nice touch
7/29 c8 Guest
7/26 c8 3DIOS de la Nada
It's quite funny that the guards confuse magic with the ability to alter reality being that the SCP organization interacts with magic many times has demons trapped in cells knows about the existence of gods and has an uncomfortable neutrality with the library of the wanderers (the hand of the serpent) (where all arcane knowledge and prohibited in the multiverse) also is allied with an organization (global hidden coalition) of mages that is responsible for classifying contain and destroy all harmful magic artifacts.
I think the term of the magicians would be: arcane , occultist, or something like that
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