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for Heart strings (Discontinued)

9/5 c7 All the way to victory town
Post when the herem on is up
9/2 c7 Platinum
It's a shame that I quit because the story is interesting. I wonder if you can adopt it for someone to continue it.
9/2 c7 32xEmilionx
It's a shame that you can't continue anymore because the story was very interesting because of Asta's relationship with Vanessa. I've even wondered if you could donate your story to continue it.
9/2 c7 Oniix
wow really dude? the only asta x vanessa story on the site and you say "screw it"? talk about bs .
9/2 c7 2AkaDeca
It’s all good. It was fun while it lasted. Thank you!
7/5 c6 1sithlord16
love this story. literally just started watching the anime last night. Also vanessa is one of my favorite characters so far and im glad the first black clover fanic i found had her as the pairing. keep up the good work:)
7/4 c6 Guest
when could we expect the next chapter
7/2 c6 erasenpai946
The story will arrive in the part of the Witches (in this arches I started to love this couple) ?, it would be a great way to close the relationship of Vanessa and Asta with a flourish (maybe we can end the story with them married and with children) )
6/28 c4 Guest
Are u gonna update anytime soon?
6/17 c5 2AkaDeca
Oh boy
6/17 c4 AkaDeca
Who is the figure
6/17 c2 AkaDeca
Bold Vanessa, wow
6/17 c1 AkaDeca
Cool stuff
6/3 c5 Guest
are u continuing the story?
5/29 c3 diegokpo30
I loved.
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