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3/29 c1 Guest
Love it.
1/6 c1 3The Immortal Siegfried
A very good start but would be better if broken up into several chapters.
4/19/2020 c1 Majin Othinus
Read it for the 4th time.
2/12/2020 c1 Majin Othinus
Read it for the third time. I hope to read chapter 2 soon...
7/23/2019 c1 Guest
All these fakes created my her magic make it seem boring. Real ones would have been more interesting to read .
7/5/2019 c1 Guest
To Golden King Gilgamesh: HECK NO!
6/30/2019 c1 Golden Gil
Accelerator x Misaki FTW
6/29/2019 c1 Golden Gil
Accelerator needs some love give him Misaki
6/15/2019 c1 Guest
To ultron emperor: objection! Misaki belongs to Touma, no exception!
6/16/2019 c1 pltrgst
continue please!
6/10/2019 c1 13ultron emperor
This was amazing. And now I ship Accelerator and Misaki. Don't listen to the critics, OOC can happen. After all, this is not the original Accelerator.
5/26/2019 c1 1TorrentAB
You are amazing! I mean, 65,000 words in a single chapter? That must have taken quite awhile to write! Very interesting setup, like the fact that everything’s coming to a head, though it’s too bad Touma can’t do much with Othinus babying him. Look forward to seeing your next chapter!
5/23/2019 c1 Guest
No AcceleratorxMisaki ship please, not my cup of tea.
5/25/2019 c1 Masterx01

I cant really say i liked it, but i will admit that it keep me reading for a good chunk of the chapter despite the OOCness and how the whole thing was set up. It was like some sort of guilty pleasure or something along those lines. You know is bad but you keep doing it still.

The writing by itself wasnt bad but the whole execution was flawed, very much so.

Othinus is a Universe-scale reality warper capable of unmaking and making the whole thing as she seems fit easily like the damn thing were nothing but clay on her hands so i find the fact she recreated a whole lot of characters from TAMNI to 'investigate' and 'kipnap' people on the chance of someone out the being 'inmune' to her warping nothing but a bad excuse for dispersing a chunk of characters everywhere(like Accel in BB). When you power is 'i can do whatever the hell i want' there is unlimited ways of doing all that from extreme things like unmaking the universe to the last phase and see what remains to simply use more sophisticated approachs like simply using her powers from afar and see what happens.

Also, i do not like what happened with Taylor and Accel.

I may be biased because i hate fix fics where everything turns good very easily with little efford. The only good fic ive seeing that i liked is Constelations, the rest is trash.

The whole thing happened too easily, Accel somehow saw Taylor, took pity of her and then fixed her main problem for her beside taking her as reemplacement for Last Orden who coincidentially do not exist here for some reason despite Touma knowing her more than he knows Mugino and she alongside the whole of Item are around.

Their interaction was somewhat weird and OOC like when she hugged Accelerator and he ended with a honest to God blush. What the Hell?

Then there is Accelerator talking bullshit like 'Armsmaster and MM are so good that if they had the IB they would give Touma a run for his money'... Wow, that was a big pile of steaming hot bullshit. Lessar, back in the OT when Touma and Accel had another showdown in Rusia she said that even if another people had the IB they wouldnt be able of use it like him because he instintively looked for the best spot to keep himself alive and in one piece every time he is attacked, like when Accel tried to kill him with his extremely deathly wings or with an avalanche of rocks. Due getting in too many fights he ended up developing a high degree of battle precognition that allows him to bat things like lightning moving to some percent of C as if were a mere annoyance. I would like very much so see any of them do such bullshit with the IB without die. Armsmaster may be able of doing it but it would be due him using that predictive software in his armor but i do not see MM doing it anytime soon.

There is also that little comment that Accel throw to Misaki about 'Since when do you care about those you control?' Or something along those lines. Well, how about since a long while? Misaki once admited she has as personal rule to care for those the took control so they do not ended injured as much as she can given the situation. I may not remember some thing but ahe isnt that amoral to go messing with her power that way.

I do not keep reading much after that but another thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the other characters refering to Othinus as 'Lady Othinus'.
5/24/2019 c1 3AMTT94
When are you going to publish another chapter of the fanfiction "Espers in Izuku's world"?
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