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2/18 c11 Ash peverell
Oi , tudo certo.
Queria saber quando , você vai atualizar essa história , ela é muito boa , principalmente o Klaus tentando não mostrar seu lado sombrio , e também estou muito curioso pra ver o que o , Harry vai fazer quando ele descobrir a história da sua família.
É isso que eu queria saber , continue com o ótimo trabalho, ansioso por mais capitulos dessa história.
2/2 c11 Niklaus
Please update when you can, this story is very interesting.

Yes my legal name is Niklaus
Will you continue this story, or is it abandoned?
I love this!
1/8 c11 Guest
I don't know your current situation or anything but it's 2023 now, and maybe you give this story another try.
It'd be a shame if you didn't considering how good it is. Please think it through
9/4/2022 c9 shylee1989
omgomg you continued the story i am soo happy!i hope you keep it up. i cqnt waait to know what harry reaction going to be when he finds out is is also a vampire too!
5/31/2022 c11 LunaLuna99999
This is such a great story. I love seeing the little snippets of Klaus being a father. And I love that you gave Rebekah a new purpose and that she isn't thinking of romantic love all the time.
Though you have updated in over a year I hope you find the inspiration to continue. I will be following this story. Hope to see a new chapter pop up!
4/16/2022 c11 RedSovereign88
More plz. Also I imagine this will go into the originals as well perhaps you could still do hopes birth and not think of harry as the substitute/replacement child but rather add as a sibling relation
3/2/2022 c1 Guest
Please Update Soon!
3/2/2022 c11 Guest
This is such a great story and you are a phenomenal Writer. please update this again.
3/1/2022 c11 LV
Please update this story its so good and it's sad to see that it's been a year of no progress. You're a great writer with great talent. Please don't abandon this.
3/1/2022 c11 11CraftyWizard86
️️️it! Please update soon!
12/28/2021 c11 petit blabla
wow merci pour la fiction... le point faible ici c'est Teddy. enlever Teddy fera du mal et du bien à Harry,il a l'air tellement faible...
12/10/2021 c11 angela340278
I know Harry won’t accept how bloody the originals can be but I feel like if they attack him or teddy first, he might be willing to be darker
12/10/2021 c3 angela340278
Lol this is I love Klaus as a grandpa
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